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Life after 50 years

Life after 50 years

If we look around, we see the world in the present form. How will it look like 50 years later? A lot of people argue that the world is changing with every minute. Will it be easier or healthier?

First of all if should be mentioned that technology affects our every step. We are surrounded by devices which try to make our life much easier. Moreover, thanks to global warming there are more and more warm days than cold. Looking ahead, vehicles are constantly being improved and even we aren’t able to imagine how our grandchildren will be transported. Last but not least, medicine is also improving. Few years later, new drugs for so far incurable diseases, such as cancer, will be invented.

On the other hand, we destroy our planet by our thoughtless actions. Pollution and deforestation are problems of today’s time. People build the skyscrapers and cut the trees down to build enormous construction. Several years later there will be very few green areas also because of increasing water levels. Therefore we will eat chemical food, for the reason that there won’t be any place to grow crops.  As a result, age limit of people will be falling down. Furthermore, computers are trying to imitate human persons and before we know it, we will be unnecessary, because it will replace us.

To sum up, the fate of our planet lies in our hands. Everything we do reflect on nature. So, it’s up to us what kind of life we wish to our descendants. It’s obvious that if we want to see the sun, we shouldn’t build the wall between us and the sky.
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