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Jaroslav Hašek is a Czech writer who is known for us as a rebel in our literature because of his life style. He was born 30th March 1883 in Prague as a son of an university professor. He was studying a grammar school, but he had to leave it because of his standing. He finished trade academy later, but he left his job in a bank and he went to the Balkans to help makedian nationalists. In 1907 he was written down to the black document in Vienna as an anarchist. He was appending anarchistic leaflets between Czech miners. In this time his life style was very eccentric.

He was roaming round the Europe and his home was in the pubs. He became an editor in a journal called Svět Zvířat and with his satires he teased authorities. For this satires he was arrested for a short time. When he was released he established a shop with a dogs. In a first year of a 1st world war he went to the Russia, and he joined Czech legion there. However he didn’t feel well there so he transferred to the Red Army. He received political function there. In 1920 he returned to the homeland. At this time he started to write his immortal Švejk, unfortunately he didn’t finish this book because he died 3rd January 1923. However, the fourth episode finished his best friend Karel Vaněk. (the book is called: Destinies of a good soldier Švejk during the world war)

It’s not easy to answer the question who is Švejk. Švejk’s behavior, his acts and statements can be often explained in two ways and it’s sometimes very difficult how to interpret it. Sometimes we can think that he is a fool, in the other case he seems to be very clever. However, in many cases we tend to the opinion that he is arrant rogue. While the attitude or character of the other persons in this novel it’s quite easy to identify, Švejk can be considered both as a positive and negative hero. In character of this person, Hašek demonstrated his individual artistic technique. The characters in the novel can be sorted into two groups. There can be recognized negative characters of Austrian officers representing old system. They are introduced from the point of view of grotesque and parody. On the other hand there is a group of characters representing common people. They are described by humor and with pronounced sympathy. Švejk can be perceived as a bridge linking those two groups. In terms of his contact with people suffering from the tragedy of war he plays a positive and optimistic role. Švejk’s grotesque approach to all situations is already shown in a first scene. He is sitting on a hand truck because of his rheumatism. Miss Műller is going with him round the Prague and he is screaming war slogan „ ...to Belgrade ! ... ‘‘.

All the scenes and episodes have one purpose: to make fun of a war with a folk humor. In this scenes Švejk appears not as a fool but as a folk philosopher. However, in contact with military officers he appears as a helpful and ardent leatherhead. Švejk’s supplement is Mark. Mark personifies intelligence’s attitude to the war.

It should be mentioned that, Hašek also wrote down the book: My shop with a dogs and an other facetiae.    
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