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There are three climatic zones on the earth – artic (studené), temperate and tropical. It is same on the northern and southern hemispheres (polokouli). Our country is situated in the central temperate zone. Other countries that are located in this zone also enjoy a European type continental climate. It means that winters are not too cold and summers are not too hot.

In the artic climatic zone, snow lies (leží) on the ground for most of the year. People who live there are used (zvyklý) to a tough (těžký) life, but a person coming from warmer areas have a problem to get used to it and adjust (přizpůsobit se). In this climate zone the fauna and flora are somewhat (poněkud) poorer (chudší). Of animals we find there for example: the polar fox and the polar bear. These areas are only very sparsely (řídce) settled (osídleny).

The temperate climatic zone, in witch our country is situated is characterised by the changing of the season. We distinguish (rozlišujeme) four season of the year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season of the year lasts for three months. Natural and animals are very varied here. Of animals we find there for example: hares (zajíc), fox, deer (jelen) and many other. In the areas of the temperate zone life is quite pleasant (lehčí) in comparison (porovnání) with that in the artic zone. In the summertime we can swim, ride on boat and in the winter practice ski jumping and ride on snowboard. People from this temperate zone don’t usually have as many difficulties (potíže) become (zvyknout) to life in the artic zone as people from the tropical zone.

The tropical climatic zone
is the third (third) and last of the above-named climatic zone. Hot weather prevails (převládá) for most of the year. A dry (suchý) season alternates with rainy season. The air here is very humid (vlhký). At the present time these tropical forest are being felled (sražen) and destroyed ad many location of our planet. That however (nicméně) is very dangerous. Tropical rain forest and primeval (pravěký) forests are a major source of oxygen. Many exotic animals live in the tropical zone, for example: snakes, monkeys, lizards, parrots (papoušci) and many others. People who live in the tropics have adjusted (přizpůsobení) to these natural conditions (podmínky) and therefore (proto) often have a dark complexion.

As we known temperate climatic zone is characterised by the changing of the season. The first is of course spring. In the spring flowers start growing (kvést) and the grass (trávník) start turning green. The weather in this time is often somewhat (poněkud) unstable (nestálé).

Spring is followed (následuje) by summer.  In the summer sun’s rays (paprsky) start more intensive. A lot of heat (horko) is not good for human health. For children summer meant a two months-long holiday. In the summer people go swimming, some in a swimming pool other in a river or pound. Some travel to foreign countries.

Then we have autumn. Many people like autumn for his colours.  People and animals are a little sad, because the days of nice weather are in the end.

Winter begins on December. The main (hlavními) signs (znaky) of winter are the cold days and even (dokonce) colder nights. In the mountains the snow lasts (zůstává) the longest. Many of us connect (spojují) winter with the most beautiful holiday of the year – Christmas. People are happy, they give presents to another and enjoy (připojují) making (dělán) other people happy.
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