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Mike's Story (príbeh, emócie, výmysel) 

Mike. Yup, that is my name. I am from Washington, and my parents have just got a car crash. Unfortunately, they died. It is terrible, I know, but people die all the time. The worse thing is that my brother Chuckie was in the car too. He is in the local hospital fighting for his own life. That is what terrifies me the most. If he does not survive, I will be forced to kill myself. Why? The answer is simple. Without him, I am no one. I have got no friends or any other family members. It is just me, and my little brother against the world. All I have to do now is to wait. I have been trying to help as much as I could, but knowing that my parents are not here got me in anxiety. 

Before the accident happened, I had been a ghost to everyone around me, but now, everyone is starting to care about me. I wonder, what would all these people do if it had not happened. What am I supposed to do? Trust them or send them away? As I said, I had no one to give me some advice. „Let me take some time off to think about it,“ I told myself. „Alright, I have made my decision...“The best way to get on with the situation of mine was to let people get closer to me. „Let׳s make some friends!“ I shouted sarcastically. The first person to meet was Kylie. She is my schoolmate, and yet we had not talked to each other before. She tried to support me with happiness and love, but all I needed was just a constant talking so the silent would not be able to kill me from the inside. Coffee would be cool too, but I stayed quiet to keep that gloomy mood float around in the air. As she was speaking to me, I looked into her eyes, and I saw a little flame burning. I realized that it was the sense of life, the sense of being loved by someone else than just by myself. Guess what? I fell in love with her, and yet I was shy to speak. Who can smell a paradox? I can. Five weeks later, and my brother had still been in a coma. He was not getting any better. Just as I was about to lose the control of myself, another person stepped into my life. His name was Garret. 

He introduced himself as the dad׳s friend from his childhood. After a little time spent together, we were like brothers. He was older, I know, but I felt that we had so much to talk about. His way of seeing things convinced me that everything is possible, even if you are on the edge of death and life. I knew he did not lie about anything. The story of his life was unbelievable and sad at the same time. I will explain later in my story. If you want to have some friends, you have to face some enemies as well. The only enemy that appeared to be dangerous was my brother׳s health. He had a surgery because he׳d got an internal bleeding within the skull. Luckily, the doctors knew what they were doing during the surgery, so they saved him. My brother was on the same edge as Garret was once. What happened to Garret was even more terrifying than the death itself. When he was just a little kid, his father, who was an alcoholic, took a gun and killed his wife with it. Garret׳s 
father also tried to kill Garret, but Garret did not lose his head, took the gun from father's hands, and forced by the acts of his father, he shot him without remorse. He did not regret it because he knew what his father would have done if he had not made the first step. Before he could even say something, he had been sent to an orphanage. That is where he met my father. 

Yup, it is true. My father was an orphan. Being an orphan is not a decision, and yet every kid was making fun of him. Although I admit, I do not belong to those polite kids, but making fun of orphans is not my cup of tea. It does not depend on what you are, but what you can become. Just like my father. From an orphan to one of the most influential people on the planet. Not only was he a great politician, but he was a great father to us. By saying this, I want to become as an amazing person to my brother, as my father was if he wakes up one day. I want to accomplish a few other plans before he wakes up. One of them is to invite Kylie on a date. I have never been on a date, but I feel it is going to work out very well for both of us. She has already told me what she thinks about me, and now I have a chance to tell her the same thing. FOUR WEEKS LATER: I had spent hours encouraging myself before I told her I love her. She embraced me, and a kiss followed. „There we go, I have a girlfriend,“ I said inside of my head. You will not believe, but as she kissed me, I had a phone call from the hospital, and they told me that my brother had just woken up. I took Kylie, sat into a car, and went to the hospital immediately. When I saw the eyes of my brother looking at me, it was the most emotional moment of my life. At that moment, I was speechless. The first words of my brother were surprisingly terrifying. He asked, „Where are mom and dad?“ At that moment, I wished he had not asked that question. My mind had to decide, whether to tell him the truth or not. 

I decided not to tell him what happened. All that's left to say was that he felt unconscious while sitting in the back of the car. I also told him that mom and dad had to leave because they didn't want to miss the plane. He believed me, but I felt like my soul had just torn apart. I just couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if he found out the truth one day. I was ready to tell him what really happened because I realized I can't lie to my little brother. Just as I wanted to do so, he started shaking uncontrollably. I stood there like petrified instead of helping him. Luckily, Kylie called for help, and doctors gave him some injections. They also did a few medical arbitrations. I went to the hospital the other day for the results. I'd dropped all the papers I was holding at the moment when one of the results showed, that doctors had discovered a malignant tumor in his head. From the moment he woke up, I was trying to collect the pieces of my soul and put them together, but everything had ruined in one second. Even Kylie and Garret were not able to help me. Chuckie's health condition was getting only worse. One day, I was walking down the street thinking about suicide, honestly, but I saw a church across the street, so the last thing I wanted to do before killing myself was to pray. And that is, my friends, where I met the most precious person I' ve ever got to meet so far. It was God. He spoke to me through my own head while I was praying. He'd given me a spark of life which I've been carrying constantly since that moment until now.  

I seized the opportunity of becoming a completely new person from head to toe. Not only I started speaking to my friends again, I had also made a lot more friends who supported me as much as they could. Chuckie's treatment turned out to be successful, and he had been redundant from the hospital right after his last treatment. People often say,"everything bad is actually good, for some reason" I had one more important thing to do that day. To tell Chuckie about our parents. I said that they had gone to a better place. He asked where so I told him that they had gone to the heaven. His response brought tears to my eyes. He said,"oh I see, so they've turned into our guardian angels, haven't they?" Despite my temporary muteness, I said quietly,"yes, although you can't see them, they'll always be beside you" He looked around himself, and then smiled at me with the greatest joy. I'll never forget the look in his pure eyes. Before I could even turn around, he got closer to me and whispered,"I LOVE YOU!" I think, it wasn't Chucky who said it. It was my parents who wanted to thank me for not giving up. Now, the last thing on my list I haven't accomplished yet is a marriage with Kylie, but that's another story, isn't it?... THE END
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