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Story in English 

Write a story which ends with these words: „WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW? „ LISA SAID.

Alex dropped Lisa outside her hose at eight. They had spent the day at the beach and Lisa wanted a quick shower before they went out again for the evening.

However, as she walked towards the front door, she realised with horor that she had left her keys inside. Her parents had gone to visit her aunt and would not be back for days. What was she doing to do? Alex told her not to worry. „ I can climb up the ladder and get in that way,“ he suggested, pointing to the open bathroom window.

Unfortunately, just as he was disappearing inside, a policeman appeared. Given the circumstances, it understandably took some time to convince him that Alex was not a burglar, but finally they did and he left.

Lisa said goodbye to Alex again and was walking towards the door when suddenly the wind blew it shut. Alex had to tell her there was a minor problem. He had closed the bathroom window before coming out. „What are we going to do now?“ Lisa said.

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