Téma maturitného slohu z angličtiny 2017 – C1

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Téma maturitného slohu z angličtiny 2017 – C1

MATURITA 2017 – riadny termín anglický jazyk

15.3.2017 Zadanie písomnej formy internej časti maturitnej skúšky 2016/2017, anglický jazyk, úroveň C1

Predmet: anglický jazyk
Úroveň: C1
Téma: Arts Around Us

The head teacher of your school is to decide which painting reproductions will be hung on the wall of the Meeting Hall with a brief biography of the artist, and has asked students toexpress their opinions. Read the Appendix, which provides information about two significant world-renowned painters, and look at their photos and examples of their work. Onthe basis of the information from the text and pictures, write an article entilted Arts Around Us (260–320 words) containing the following points:

  • Which of them would be suitable for presenting at school, based on the artists’ traits and lifestyle?
  • Compare the sources of inspiration for the artists, and identify similarities and/or differences.
  • Would the paintings impress the students at your school? Which of them would you choose and why?


Čo si myslíte o téme? Bola pre vás jednoduchá alebo náročná? Podeľte sa o názor v diskusii pod článkom.

Pozri aj: Oficiálne Testy a Témy Maturita 2017 aj s odpoveďami.

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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