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2nd April 2007

Dear Martina,

Thank you for your letter. I received it last Friday. I am looking forward to meeting all members of my family during the Easter holidays. The holidays will start on Thursday (5th April) and finish on Tuesday (10th April).
I am glad to have some free days because I have worked very hard for the last two weeks. So far we have written a maths test, physics, chemistry, biology and Germany test. By Thursday we have to have Slovak, English and Chemistry tests.

I am going to meet all my cousins with uncles and aunts because they are going to visit us on Easter Monday. I am going to spend some hours walking round the city centre and I will show Andrea and George President Palace, walking area called Korzo and I will probably take them to the river Danube. If they want to, we will go on a boat trip from Bratislava to the ruins of Devin Castle. It depends on the weather.

I hope you are well and see you soon.


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