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Today’s era brings us many kinds of media. I am going to begin with the newspapers. We can divid newspapers to several groups from their sight. We know newspapers general, special, funny, cheap press etc. We can find much information in this media. There are many columns with articles in newspapers and this page setup is very good for reading. Interesting articles usually have big headings and these headings use special bold font. Some pages are used for advertisements. Majority of media is financed by advertising. I prefer rather newspapers with sport sights such as Sport. I like articles about new sport results and scores and interviews with famous sportsmen.

Continuators of newspapers are magazines. They have same sights as newspapers, but they are printed on better paper then newspapers and they issue in weeks or months period. I read evidently sport magazines, such as Hattrick or Pro-Football. These magazines have about 100 pages full of news from world of football, ice-hockey or other sports. In this magazines uses to be a poster of famous players and teams.

Next important media are radio and television. I begin with radio. This media is distributed during radio waves. Transmission contents news, music, advertising or some funny programmes. In Czech Republic exist many radio stations, we can divid them to two groups - to state and private. I prefer private stations, because I like music and relaxation.

Majority of people prefer television. We can divide them, such as radio stations, to two groups. First group are state channels, such as Czech Television with her two channels - Czech Television 1 and 2. These channels are financed from charge, which we pay for each TV box in our flats. Main task of these channels is to inform and educate people. Next parts of channels are channels private. In Czech Republic are two private channels - Nova and Prima. These channels are financed from advertising. Another group of private channels are satellite channels. Here I can advert music television – MTV and sport channel Eurosport. Special group are cable channels. We must pay monthly charge, if we can watch these channels. I can notice famous channel HBO.

Today era bring us many technological innovations, and so we discovered new kinds of media. One of the youngest is Internet. It is international network of computers. Some computers - called servers - are used to share information. Thanks service World Wide Web we can using our web client view information placed on web pages. These pages contain text and graphics and are connected with site of hypertext jumps between pages. Each internet user have own email address so I can send letter to my friends perhaps in USA in minute. We can talk during this network in real time.
British people are great readers of newspapers. Britain is one of the few countries where daily newspapers are delivered at the door before breakfast. There are national, regional and local newspapers, dailies and weeklies, morning and evening papers. The national papers can be divided into two main groups: quality paper and popular papers. Some popular papers are called "cheap press". Quality papers like The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph report national and international news very thoroughly, with analysis and comment on economic, political and social topics. The best-selling paper is The Daily Telegraph with a circulation over one million. Newspapers are almost always financially independent of any political party, but most of them have some political bias. Most of Britain national papers are right-wing.

The popular papers tend to make news sensational, but their main interest is entertainment, show business gossip, sport and sensational scandals. The Sun is Britain's most popular daily paper. The weekly News of the World has the largest circulation in the western world. A modern newspaper could not be sold at a profit without advertisements. A single copy costs more to produce than is the price paid by the reader.

Most newspapers are issued daily, but there are also 7 000 periodicals published in the UK. Of those, women's magazines Woman and Woman's Own have the largest circulation. There are magazines and journals for almost every trade, profession, sport, hobby or interest.

The most important radio and TV Company
in GB is the BBC. Its activities are paid from the licenses, which everyone who owns or rents a TV set has to pay. The BBC has 2 TV channels: BBC 1 and BBC 2. BBC1 programmes consist largely of lighter plays and series, humor and sports. BBC 2 offers more serious programmes - documentaries and discussions, operas and concerts. Besides BBC 1 and BBC 2 there are two private TV channels: ITV and Channel 4.

There are four BBC radio channels, each of which specializes. Radio 1 has mainly pop music, Radio 2 light music, comedy and sport, Radio 3 has classical music, talks on serious subjects and plays. Radio 4 specializes in the spoken word - news reports, talks and discussions. In addition the BBC has a number of local radio stations. The BBC also broadcasts news and information to countries all over the world. 
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