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Going to the cinema, theatre, concerts, exhibitions


Theatre is a part of people’s lives since antiquity. When people are free they want to do something, see or learn something new. When they go to the theatre or concert they can relax, meet friends, learn anything new. Some people are bored, want to escape from normal life. They can smile or cry if they want. It quite a problem to get to the theatre sometimes because the tickets are more and more expensive. Some performances of exhibitions take place only in big cities or in Prague.


stage jeviště

curtain závěs

actor herec

actress herečka

director režisér

programme program

ticket lístek

usher uvaděčka

spectator divák

scenery scéna

wing křídlo

footlight rampová světla

spotlight reflektor

orchestra pit orchestřiště

stalls přízemí

balcony balkón

box lože

gallery balkón

row řada

audience publikum

acrobat akrobat

juggler kejklíř

box office pokladna

cloakroom šatna

attendant obsluhující

foyer bufet

forestage předscéna

backdropt, set scéna

auditorium hlediště

sololist solista

conductor dirigent

chorus sbor

Going to the theatre

You can buy tickets at the box stall, ticket office, through school or work, you can have a reservation.

Men should put on a suit or diner jacket, shirt, shoes, tie or bow tie, they can have scarf or hat.

Women can wear dress, costume, skirt, blouse, shoes.

If you do for example to a small theatre (Arena), you don’t have to wear anything special.

Performance I’ve seen

I saw the play Polská Krev written by Oscar Nedbal. It was a musical. I liked it. It was quite fun, actors had nice costumes, the music also wasn’t bad.

Hair – in Prague, musical

Theatres in our country and in England

CZPrague – National, Stavovske, Spiral, Pyramid, Lucerna, Husa na Provázku, Tyl t, Vinohrady t, Semafor, Divadlo na Zábradlí, Viola…)

Ostrava – Moravskoslezské d, Dvořákovo d, Myronovo d, Petr Bezruč t, Aréna…

GB – National t, Globe, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Old Vic, The Royal Albert Hall

Going to the cinema

Films: comedy, black comedy, romantic, adventure, thriller, horror, detective story, catastrophic, fairy tale, animated, sitcom, action, sci-fi

What I saw

Mr. Bean is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is a brilliant comedy full of a special king of humour. Some people don’t like this sort of humour but I love it. I’ve forgotten who was it directed by but in the lead you could see excellent Rowan Atkinson with his excellent grins. As I said it’s a comedy and it takes place in New York. Mr. Bean is sent to America (As an art specialist but he knows nothing about it. He had just worked as a watchman in one gallery in Great Britain). His opinions are very strange but people admire him because they think he is the best artist in the world. He lives by one man in Los Angeles and during a few days he is destroying his house and work as well as whole his family. Fortunately everything will fall out well. This film was such a big fun and I really enjoyed a song written by Beatles –Yesterday. The man sang it when his life was totally destroyed. I liked the film very much so I am going to see it once more next week. If you don’t see it you should go too.

Film on TV x Cinema

In the cinema, the screen is a little bit bigger, the sound is better. There are a lot of people, it‘s not comfortable.

TV – more comfortable, you can sit, lie, eat, do what you want, the screen is small, you are alone.

Favourite actor

Rowan Atkinson or Jim Carrie. They play in quite mad films, comedies, I like comedies, They have such a stupid grins, but they are great. I don‘t like action heroes with big muscles. Their films are still the same. They are alone but kill hundreds of people.

Claudia Scheefer, Pamela Anderson – nice face, body, the films are sometimes stupid

Going to the concerts

I have never been to a concert of classical music. I don‘t hear this kind of music but it doesn‘t have to be bat. It can be good for relax. This kind or concerts takes place in special concert halls, opera houses, with special background. You have to wear dinner jacket or suit, tie, shoes… I visited some rock concert and it was perfect. You can say no! The music is too loud, there is smell too much people, but when you listen to the music you like you don‘t mind it. This concert takes place in some halls, stadiums or just open air, the tickets cost the same as the tickets for theatre for example.

Musical instruments

Guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, clarinet, violin, piano, organ (varhany), trumpet, contrabass, drums, whistle, flute, violoncello, harmonica, saxophone…

Kinds of music

Classical, opera, folk, jazz, orchestral, country, chamber (komorní), pop, rock, pank, hip-hop, disco, house, heavy, hard rock, metal…

Art – galleries, exhibitions, museums

Good for seeing anything different, learn anything new, found sth. interesting, feel the history, colours, impress

Learn : history, habits, way of life, clothes, moral laws, different feeling, new impress

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