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Health Care

We need to have good health, both mental and physical, to be able to work and enjoy our lives. Our life is very fast, it is usually full of stress, depression, anger and fears. We eat badly, we don’t do enough physical activities – all these factors can cause serious illnesses.

More and more people realize how important our health is. Prevention is the right way to avoid illnesses. We need to go to the doctor for check-ups, get eye exams done, weigh ourselves regularly and see the dentist twice a year.

People become more concerned about their health mainly in eating. Many of them have reduced salt, fat, and sugar to lose weight, lower their cholesterol and reduce the risk of getting heart disease. People began to do sports for their health, too. Especially women go on diets. They eat less than usual in order to become thinner. They need to lose their weigh because of good look, or because of health problems.

A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, plenty of rest, enough sleep, good eating habits, and a lot of vitamins, no smoking and no alcohol.

When we are ill, we usually see a doctor.

A doctor is a person, who has been trained in medical science. In Britain every person is registered with a local doctor known as a GP = general practitioner. If you want to see a doctor, you have to ask for an appointment. If the patient needs to see a specialist, at first he has to go to his GP and he decides which specialist the patient needs to see.

The doctor´s primary roles are: to identify and recognize diseases. The first piece of evidence is the patient’s case history and his symptoms. In the case history there are the patient’s illnesses and the history of family illness. They are all very important clues.

Physical examinations help to identify which aspects needs to be paid attention. Special examinations include chemical tests, microscopical study of blood cells or tissues and X-rays.

After the doctor identifies our illness, he prescribes some medication. The medicine is usually available on prescription in a pharmacy/ at the chemist’s. When the illness is too serious to be cured at home, the patient is taken to hospital and sometimes even needs surgery.

At the doctor

We visit doctors when we feel ill or if we have a health problem.

- First of all we enter the waiting room.

- Then the nurse invites us into the consulting room. She wants to see our insurance card.

- The doctor may ask you to strip to the waist before he examines your chest and throat. He can also check our blood pressure; feel the pulse or put our blood or urine through lab-tests.

- If we are ill, the doctor usually prescribes some medicine – pills, antibiotics, eye drops, sleeping pills, or he tells us to go on a diet. Sometimes he may X-ray our lungs or bones.

The illnesses can be :

  1. Common illnesses: such as cold, flu (influenza), tonsillitis, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation.
  2. Serious illnesses: such as poisoning, tuberculosis, anemia, pneumonia, leukemia, diabetes, hepatitis, heart attack.
  3. Fatal illnesses: which cannot be cured such as cancer or AIDS.
  4. Children illnesses:pox (kiahne), measles (osýpky), rubeola

First aid

try the pulse, try the breathing, put the head up, stick the tongue, stop bleeding by pressing special points, artificial respiration, make a plaster, when someone fainted – cold water, send him out, fresh air, sit down

Health care in Slovakia is provided for people from birth to death. In Slovakia we have these health facilities:
a) State
b) Private 
Medical care can be given in:
- a health centre – zdravotné centrum
- a clinic - klinika
- a hospital - nemocnica
- a surgery – súkromná ambulancia 
- an ambulance – sanitka


- classical :offers treatment with painkillers, it fights against illness with drugs and surgery

- alternative: new ways of healing including – acupuncture - needles, acupressure - press, aromatherapy – aromatic oils, hippotherapy – horses, esotericism – special rituals to stay clean, yoga – dividing of body and soul to bring harmony of both, important correct breathing, salt caves, reiki relaxations, bioptrone lamps, kryotherapy – in very cold rooms.

 Alternative medicine looks at the whole person, not just the illness.

RED CROSS:international health organization, founded in 1863 by Henri Dűnant in Switzerland, residence in Geneva.

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