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People and Society

People live in society with other people. There are many rules in the society. If people keep them, they will live in peace together.

We learn the rules all our life. Our parents teach us many principles. Children pick up moral rules by observing their parents, teachers and friends. If parents speak rudely, children will imitate them. If parents have TV dinners, children will not know how to behave at the table. Small things, like talking to people with respect, praising the others should be common in every family.

Ethics is the study of moral. We must learn to make difference between good and bad. Ethics are taught in families and at schools, too. Children attend classes of religion or ethics. They learn what is moral an immoral.

In modern society many children are educated by the media. The cartoon characters, movies, reality shows influence them very much. The games and music are often rude and aggressive. Only people who look good and have a lot of money are considered to be successful.

The usage of the Internet has brought new rules called “Netiquett”. It contains rules of email writing, chatting in online forums, etc.

Etiquette is polite behavior in the society. It is a set of formal rules of correct or polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession. It includes greetings, behavior at meetings, etiquette of visitors or how to behave when we are in another country.

Greetings can be formal or informal. Greetings are the beginnings of conversations, not only in cases when people know each other, but also at introducing, at meetings. It is really important to use a right greeting in different situations we get into.

There are certain rules how to be polite greeting each other. For example:
• younger people greet the older first
• man greets woman first
• children always greet adults first

In North America there is no set of rules who greets the first.

Congratulations are also types of showing respect, or showing that we like somebody, that we want to share somebody’s happiness or important moments in his life. We congratulate to people when it is their birthday, when they finish the school, when they achieve some success.

There are also some important rules at the dining table. It is impolite to talk with your mouth full of food, or to pick your teeth with your fingers. You also shouldn’t eat with your fingers or to smoke during the eating. In our country belching at the table is impolite, but if you loudly belch at the table in China or Japan, you show the cook that the meal was really tasty. 

Each country has its own culture, and it is connected with different rules or different etiquette. It is really necessary to know some important etiquette rules of country we are going to travel to, before we do it.

Conversation helps people to know each other better. Expect of decision for a right style of speech (formal or informal) it is good to distinguish some conversation topics. There are so many topics we can talk about, from family to sport, or to politics... It is a well known fact, that the „weather“is general topic for conversation – you can talk about the weather with your boyfriend and the same with your boss.

There are many problems in the society. The biggest problems are alcoholism, vandalism, drugs, unemployment, and illnesses.

Social problems are typical for the whole society. Not everybody has a great family or people who care about him, when he is passing through his the worse life event.

Everybody must know what their rights and duties are. Everyone who lives in a society must keep the rules of the society. Every society has its own moral rules of behavior. Society has a right to expect people to obey the law. If anybody doesn’t and they are a danger to society, they can be locked up. No man is born as a criminal. His environment makes him what he is. A criminal must pay for his crime. The price he has to pay depends on the seriousness of the crime.


Some crimes threaten human life:



-mugging – the crime of attacking and robbing sb in the street
-robbery – the crime of stealing money or other things from a bank, shop, or person
-burglary – the crime of entering a building illegally in order to steal
-rape – the crime of forcing someone to have sex, especially by using violence

Someone who commits crimes:

criminal, thief, robber, burglar, shoplifter, attacker, mugger, murderer, rapist, pickpocket


-sentence – a punishment given by a judge in a court
-fine – an amount of money that you must pay as a punishment
-penalty – a general word for a punishment given to someone who has broken a law, rule or agreement
-death sentence/ death penalty/ capital punishment
-community service – unpaid work helping other people that someone does as punishment for a crime


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