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Fashion and Clothes

The main role of clothes is to protect people against cold, frost or rain. Animals don’t need clothes because they have fur or hair. Over the time clothes have become more comfortable and are made of different materials like cotton or silk, their cut and design have become important, too. Fashion is always changing because people want something new, there are new materials and also the fashion industry is constantly developing. 

In previous centuries women’s and men’s clothes were totally different. You could recognize from a distance if it is a woman or a man. Women wore long skirts, long-sleeved dresses. Men’s clothes didn’t change very much- men wore trousers, shirts and jackets. Nowadays clothes depend mainly on weather. People wear different clothes in different season of the year.

In spring they start wearing light clothes during days but in the morning and evening they have to wear warmer clothes-jackets, sweaters.

In summer people wear light clothes, skirts, shorts, dresses. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect them against sun.

At the beginning of autumn people wear light clothes and then they change to warmer clothes like anorak, trousers and jackets.

In winter we wear warm clothes like woolly sweaters, caps, scarves, polo necks, anoraks, winter jackets with hood, winter coats, fur coats, pantyhose.

People have various attitudes to fashion,for some it is necessary to be dressed in the latest fashion, they go to fashion shows, follow fashion magazines, go to boutiques and are ready to spend a lot of money to be sure they wear the best brand name. Others prefer comfortable clothes, not necessarily the latest design in which they feel good and would never pay a lot of money. Whatever your attitude to the fashion is, we all need to have different clothes to wear every day, and even something for special occasions.

A woman’s wardrobe consists of underwear like knickers, bikini, briefs, bras, slips, then pyjamas or night dresses. For everyday wear they have skirts and blouses, jumpers, several pairs of trousers, jeans, an anorak, a winter coat, a fur coat and accessories in matching colours. For example shoes, boots, handbags, scarves, gloves, hats and jewels such as earrings, rings, arm bracelets. A woman’s summer wardrobe consists of bright summer dresses of various cuts and designs, shorts and T-shirts, miniskirts and swimming suits. For special occasions women wear cocktail dresses or long evening dresses, high-heeled shoes and jewels.

Men’s wardrobes are much simpler. It is not changing over the years as much as those of women. A man’s wardrobes consist of underwear like undershirts, underpants, several pairs of socks. For everyday wearing they have jeans and trousers, shorts, many T-shirts and shirts, an anorak and winter coat. Men also wear accessories in matching colours like shoes, boots, ties, gloves, baseball caps or belts. For special occasions they wear dark suits, a white shirt, shoes and a tie or a bow tie. 

If people go to sport events they mostly wear jeans, T-shirts, or track suits and trainers shoes. At home people prefer casual clothes like old jeans or jogging suit and T-shirts and slippers.

 If you can’t find clothes to suit you, you can go to tailor. It is a little bit expensive but it will be sewed exactly for you. You can say how it should look like and it will be also your size. When you come to the shop at first you have to choose what you want to buy. Then you can ask shop assistant to give you your size, you can try it if it fits you, if yes you go to cash-desk where you have to pay.

Dressmaking has become a big business these days.Fashion designers are world famous. The most popular are Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, Vivien Westwood. Their fashion shows have become important social events presented in the mass media and plenty of people like watching it on TV to know what to wear the following year.

cotton– bavlna 
wool– vlna
linen– ľan
silk– hodváb 
nylon– nylon
denim– denim, riflový materiál

Patterns– vzory:
stripped– pásikový
checked– kockovaný
spotted– bodkovaný

scarf– šál, šatka
gloves– rukavice
hat– klobúk
jewellery– šperky
earrings– náušnice
ring– prsteň
bracelet– náramok
necklace– náhrdelník
chain– retiazka
brooch /brúč/- brošňa
handkerchief- vreckovka

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