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Man and nature topic 

These days the weather is rather crazy in some areas, you can hear news about devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc. Yes, they are natural disasters, but some of them may be caused or amplified by the impact of human activities. Humans are the ultimate polluters, and however we are trying to protect the environment it won’t work.

It is because the leaders are selected and bribed by ultra rich and powerful elite who are in reality controlling the world and they want wars, and they want people to rely on oil and non-renewable energy sources, simply because they are making money of it and they are controlling the market. And when you control the markets in capitalist economies, you control the world. You may say, that it is just another conspiracy theory, but it is certain what we hear or read from media, is lie or incomplete truth. Where is the real truth, I ask. Is it out there or here in the fields? That’s what we don’t know.

There are three basic kinds of pollution: air, water, soil.

The air pollution may be the biggest problem of the modern world. For example greenhouse effect is affecting whole world. The average temperatures are going up, icebergs are melting down, the Golf Stream is slowing down and eventually will stop completely, extreme weather is stronger and more common, etc. But we may experience many different kinds of air pollution, not only greenhouse effect (which is btw caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and methane), for example particulate contamination, increased UV radiation, acid rains.

The water pollution is really harmful too, we need to have access to clean drinking water and safe utility water. This kind of pollution can be caused by: pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms), organic (detergents, petroleum…), inorganic (fertilizers, heavy metals…), macroscopic contaminants (trash…), thermal pollution (use as coolant, drop in oxygen levels).

The soil pollution is hard to get rid of, but is not as widespread as air or water pollution. There are multiple causes for it, like: mining, acid rain, intensive farming, use of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers), drainage of contaminated water, waste disposal (oil and fuel, nuclear, direct discharge into soil, land fill, agents of war…)

How to protect it instead of damaging it?

The answer is unclear, because even if something is labelled as “green”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was made without any harm to the nature. The ultimate know-how of how to preserve nature is to lower consumption, either by lowering the population while retaining the same standard of living or lowering the standard of living while keeping the population numbers as they are now or lowering it even more with growing population.

Yes, people in developed countries have adjusted to situation as is now. But we won’t evade the consequences of growing population. The temporary solutions we use, like recycling, renewable energy, desalination of water, lowering emissions simply won’t cut it in the future they are only delaying the inevitable.

People are even now cancelling existing National parks, even in the situation we are in now. The Earth is crooked place to live in. Even in Slovakia, although we haven’t cancelled any of our National parks yet, but people are using holes in the law or corruption to deforest and leave by our forests. We need to stop those interested only in profit, and if we want the earth to support us even 100 years from now, we need to act like it. We need to educate and simply start to care.

Our environment determines largely, that how healthy we are or will be after some time. What we eat, air quality, water quality… Those all are at risk nowadays. Here in Slovakia we have at least access to high quality clean water and except of some areas, clean air. But what about food? From when we started produce food only for profit, not for covering our country’s consumption, the quantity of imported food grew rapidly, and the quality of the food decreased.

Slovakia’s got really quality food producers. Everyone’s really proud of it and many people are promoting it. But on one side is quality of the food, but on the other side there is balanced diet. I believe, that people should eat less meat, like 4-5 meals a week, because then the people would start to eat more vegetables and fruits. This is a step to being healthy, next step should more exercise. For some people it is a problem, so you shouldn’t start head on. Start slowly and develop a habit. Then you will gradually exercise more and you won’t give up that easily.

  • Climate – is the condition of the atmosphere, which is characteristic for certain place on Earth. There are many different types of climate: tropical, dry, warm, cold, etc.
  • Weather – is a contemporary state of the atmosphere, it often changes.

During a year, four seasons are exchanging: 

  • Spring is a beautiful season. Nature, the trees and forest animals awakes from its long winter sleep. Landscape turns green and everything is starting to bloom and live.
  • Summer is the warmest season. The average temperature is high, the days are long and nights short.
  • Autumn is colourful season. The leaves are starting to decay, so they change colour to yellowish, reddish, brownish colours and then they fall down. The days are getting shorter and nights longer. The weather is getting cold, it is mostly cloudy and it rains a lot.
  • Winter is the coldest season, the temperature is often below zero. The snow is falling, the trees are bare. The days are short and the nights are long.
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