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Communication is an act of passing information among people. Process of communication – proces komunikácie1.) Image. I see a tree in a garden.2.) Coding that image. I know, that image I see in a garden, is called a tree.3.) Transmission. I pass information, that I see a tree to another person.4.) Decoding. You know, what the word “tree” means, so you are able to imagine a picture of a tree. But your picture of a tree doesn’t have to be same tree that I saw. Everybody has a different perspective of words’ meaning. We have 6 dimensions of communication – 6 dimenzií komunikácie1.) Content. What is communicated?2.) Source. By whom it is communicated?3.) Form. How we communicate?4.) Channel. Which medium do we use? 5.) Destination. To whom it is communicated? 6.) Purpose. Why it is communicated? There are 2 types of communication – existujú 2 typy komunikácie1.) Interpersonal communication. It is communication with other people.2.) Intrapersonal communication. It is communication in our heads. It contains thoughts.

Communication is very important for people in everyday life. We can give and get useful information, express our thoughts, and feelings, and discuss problems. When we see someone we don’t know for the first time, their body language evokes our first impression. Body language can reveal what the person is like, but not much about their character. We can meet polite and impolite people every day. Good manners are important when we communicate in public. Our style of speech, how we use words, and what kind of words we use can show character as well.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION – verbálna komunikácia

The meaning of the word “verbum” is “word”. Verbal communication uses words. We can also divide verbal communication to oral and written. Oral communication is usually spontaneous. It is spoken words bound into sentences with meaning. It is usually face to face communication which may allow the speaker to ask and answer questions, use slang, irony, sarcasm and jokes.In verbal communication we use intonation, which helps to highlight the meaning of spoken message. Spoken language can also include laughter, signs and long expressive pauses to produce additional meaning. People sometimes forget that once they say something it cannot be taken back. Written communication is also verbal because we use words – písomná komunikácia je tiež verbálna, pretože používame slová

The written communication is the most common and effective mode of business communication. In any organization, the electronic mails, reports, documents, letters, journals, job descriptions, employee manuals are some of the usually used forms of written communication. Written communication is used when the information cannot be said or explained verbally. Also, the organizations and companies keep their documents in writings because they can be used as a reference and evidence of any transaction anytime in the future.

NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION – neverbálna komunikácia

The Non-Verbal Communication similarly to the verbal communication, helps in establishing and maintaining the interpersonal relationships while the verbal only helps in communicating the external events. People use non-verbal communication to express emotions and interpersonal attitudes, conduct rituals such as greetings and bring forward one’s personality. The non-verbal communication in the form of signals and expressions add meaning over the words and help people to communicate more effectively. It supplements whatever is said in words. The non-verbal communication defines the distance between the communicators and helps them to exchange their emotional state of mind. Also, it regulates the flow of communication, for example, an individual can give signals to convey that he had finished speaking or else he wants to speak. Sometimes, the non-verbal acts as a barrier to communicating effectively as the recipient could not understand what the sender is trying to say and may interpret it wrongly.

Sign language- “hand language” is system of gestures that deaf people use to communicate. What is interesting is that in every country there’s a different sign language.

On this picture are two people who communicate in sign language. It is hard to say if they both are deaf or only one of them. These people usually can read words from lips when we try to communicate with them.

Mimics is the way we move our facial muscles. It shows our emotions. On this picture is an angry girl. She doesn’t need to say anything because we can see in her face that she is angry.

Proxemics is the way we keep the distance when we communicate.

Haptics is the way we touch people for example, when we shake hands.

Clothing is the way we show what we stand for. For example, teachers wear different clothes than waiters.

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