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The chief means of payment in foreign trade are:
1)  mail or telegraphic transfer of the stipulated amount of money
2)  cheques
3)  bills of exchange
A cheque is a written order (písemný příkaz) given by the customer to his bank to pay a certain sum of  money of his current account to the payee (věřitel) named in the cheque.
The parties to a cheque are:
1)  the drawer (výstavce) who draws the cheque, who orders his bank to be paid
2)  the payee (věřitel) to whom the cheque is to be paid
3)  the drawee (směnečník) – it is the bank which pays it
There are two kinds of cheques:
a)  a cheque to bearer (na doručitele) which may be paid by a bank to anyone who presents it
b)  a cheque to order (na řad) mus be endorsed (žirování = rubopis) py the payee, it means that the payee must write his name on the back of the cheque before it is paid to him
bills of exchange
A bill of exchange (směnka) is a written order requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay on demand (požádání) or at a fixed future time (v určité době v budoucnosti)  a certain sum of money.
The parties of bill of exchange are:
1)  the drawer (výstavce)
2)  the drawee (směnečník – banka) to whom it is addressed
3)  the payee to whom it is to be paid. (věřitel) the payee may be identical with drawer

A bill of exchange can be payable on demand (on presentation or at sight) or at a future time (at a fixed future time it can be:
a)  either after date (so and so many days after the date of issue)
b)  or after sight (so and so many days after acceptance – after the drawee has accepted the draft, it means he has seen it for the first time)
Bills of exchange are negotiable instruments (převoditelné prostředky) as well as cheques and can be transferred to other person by endorsement.
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