System of education - Czech, British and American

In Britain children go to school from 5 – 16. The names of the various stages of primary and secondary education are : infant school (5-7), junior school (7-11), comprehensive school (11 – 16 or 18). About 6% of all school children go to private schools, they are called prep schools (up to 14) and public schools (14-18).

At the age of 16 pupils také examinations leading to the General Certificate of secondary education (GCSE). Those who get good results can stay on at school, in the sixth form, until they are 18 are prepared for the Advance – level (A-levels). The A-level examination is set and papers are marked by examing board connected with the universities.
The most famous and expensive public schools are: Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Winchester.

The englisch universities can be divided into 3 groups:
1)  Oxford and Cambridge (= Oxbridge) – the oldest and the most famous
2)  Redbrick universities which were founded in 19th century ( London, Durham, Manchester)
3)  The new universities opened after 1960s (Sussex, York, Kent…etc.)
In the USA school begins at the age of 6, There are 12 grades in the school systems; pupils first go to elementary school and than to high school. In most states pupils leaves at the age of 17, but pupils from poor homes often leave earlier or do not finish the last grades because they failed. The school systém in USA is uniform and free but there are great differences in the standards of various hogh schools. About 10% of the school population goes to private schools.

In the USA is education under state and local control. A new systém is called the six – three – three plan, sic years of elementary school, three years of junior school and three years senior high schooll. Compulsory attendance at school has been legislated in all states although standarts of age lenght of the school year vary. Considerably. There are wide  differencies in the educational systems of the various states. About two . thirds of high school children work part – time jobs during the school year. They work in food stores, at fast food restaurants, at the local libraries and gasoline stations. They want jobs to have a little bit of freedom and independence and to have their own spending money.
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