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People characteristics 

People are completely different nature - Every person is different. Also in the family is a lot of human characters. Although sometimes arise between rows, so they can spend a lot of time together. Today I would like to introduce and compare my grandmother with me.

She is a person I look up to and consider to be a role model. Her name is Katka. My grandmother have working as a kindergarten teacher. She is tall as I am and older than me. As far as clothes go, Katka dresses casual, comfortable outfits. She does not change her hairstyle. She is satisfied with her look. She like working in outside and spend lots of time in garden. She loves all animals. In our family we have dog, cat, rabbit. It is very interesting that nobody in addition to Katka look after about animals. Her hobby is baking and cooking. I love my grandmother, because she is not as other grandmother. She like listen to modern music as me. I'm proud of her, because she is enough modern type of person. She walks with the modern times. Many people envy me my grandmother.

She is an excellent teacher and is always very encouraging, perceptive and sensitive, because she spend lots of time among children. In kindergarden, every children love my grandmother because she has a personal approach to each. Katka is very friendly, communicative and hardworking. Sometimes I think she is a perfectionist. Her good personal traits are creativity, patience, generosity, helpfulness... she have her heart on your sleeve. If I need something, she advice and help me . She do for me the first and the last. She is honest, sincere and kind. Always she tell the truth and what she thinks.. Every day she is happy and smiling. No one is never bored with her. She is not moody, argumentative or hot- tempered. But sometimes, if her someone was angry can be quite unpleasant. Even me and she are able to quarrel, but I can not be mad at each other.

Unlike my grandmother, I am very socialble type of person. I tend to be more talkative and sociable than Katka. I am confident, and ambitious. In life I want to achieve a lot. Compared to others teenager, I am mature and sensible. In my life I had many difficult moments and I had to adjust.In last time I am very cautious. I am very hard-working and thoughtful. On the other hand I am very lazy. Whilst Katka clean every place in our house, I do not move neither finger. I often change my hairstyle. I am up for anything. I make crazy things. I like when everything is planned. Sometimes I can at the last minute change everything. I'm calm, but when something angers me I can be pretty harsh, hot- tempered and argumentative. I can be pretty nasty. Always stand behind their opinions. I can have a row with others for a long time but it eventually reached what I want.

My grandmother Katka and me are complete opposites. Nevertheless we get on well together . She is my role model, because Katka survived in the life of a lot of hard situations. In my life, I would like to do at least half of what she was able.

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