Theme 14: Ideals And Heroes (National Heroes)

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Theme 14: IDEALS AND HEROES (Človek, jeho vzory a ideály.)

8., 9. ROČNÍK


People: an archer, a band of outlaws, the earl, a friend/an enemy, a hero, the king, an outlaw, the sheriff

Features: brave, clever, cruel, corrupt, famous, friendly, honest, ordinary, popular, rich/poor

Equipments: arrows, an axe, a belt, a bow

Places: Britain, Slovakia, Nottingham, Sherwood, forest, prison

Verbs: bury, disguise, escape, hate/love, hide, pay taxes, take money from/give money to people, trick, steal


  1. When did Robin Hood live?
  2. Where did Robin Hood live?
  3. Why was he popular with ordinary people?
  4. Who did he live with?
  5. Who was his great enemy? Why?
  6. Why did people hate the Sheriff?
  7. Where is Robin´s grave? /Statue?


  1. Do you know a Slovak national hero similar to Robin Hood?
  2. What part of Slovakia did he live in?
  3. What century did he live in?
  4. Was he originally a rich or a poor man?
  5. Where did he live?
  6. Who did he live with?
  7. Are there any films or stories about him?
  8. What more interesting information can you tell about him?


A: Your pen friend from Britain is having his holiday in Slovakia and wants to know some interesting historical places and people. Suggest some trips for him and and explain the reasons.

B: You are a foreign tourist in Slovakia, staying at your Slovak friend´s house for two weeks, you are interested in history. Ask your friend to arrange some trips for you, explain what kind of information you are interested in.

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