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Studying feoreign languages is important for eberybody. We have many reasons to study them. We need it for travelling aboad, for reading foeign materials, for business communication and so on. The most i portant language today is English. Now we can say it is th world language. It is spoken by about 350 million people. It is used as a first languahe in countries such as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and many of countries in the Caribean. In other countres it is used as a second language, it is a way which people who have deifferent languages communicate with each other. This is specially true in navy parts of Africa and India. In these countries and former British colonies in Europe is an official language.
Englsih is a member of  a language family that includes ancient languages (like Ancient Greek, Latin) and some Asian and Slavonic languahes and many European languages (for example French, Spanish, German etc.). These languages have the same original root. The family of languages that English belongs to is the Indo – European family. English began to develop in about 450 AD when Anglo – Saxons came from Germany. Before this invasion the language spoken in England was a form of eltic, similar to modern Welsh. Old English was clearly a germanic language, more like modern German and Dutch than modern English. It was affected by the languages of the invaders such as the Vikings who came in 9th century, and the Normans who came from France in 1066. Normans used latin for official business, but spoke French in daily life, so at this time there were 3 languages used in England. Because the rulers (vladaři) used French and Latin, many specialized words, especially those conected with government, law, learning or the army have come into English from French and Latin, while words for more everyday things are from Old English. From the 14th century onwards (směřovat kupředu), many English words  were borrower or invented from other languages. Some borrowings are very recent (nedávný), other have been in the language for centuries.
For Czech i is important to learn foreign languages, beacuse only a few people abroad can speak czech (for example in USA some emigrants from czech republic). When we can communicate with people from other countries, we have to know some world language. The most favourite  foreign language in Czech schools is Englisch than German. English is easier than German and some people have prejudices to German anda say that they don’t want learn  German beacause of 2nd WW.

In this age i think all companies require (požadují) one or two foreign languages when they take you up (přijmout) to employment so to study foreign language is very important.
When I was 5 years old my parents decided I would learn English. I can only remember I was in some clssroom with much more bigger children, who were very good at Englsih and I was  the youngest pupil there and was very very scared and shy. Every time I was to go there I cried a lot. So I left my first English course.

When I was 9 years old I was in the third class and change the baisc school for the basic language school. There was English as an compulsory subject. Besides it I started attend some English course in The Bell School, but i finished there, because the school moved to the other side of Prague and I didn’t have enough time to commute there, so me and my friends found some teacher near my home and she helped us with our English. Now I learn English only at school or on holiday at courses in England.
I started to learn my second language in the fifth class. When I came to the grannar school I had to learn it again from the beginning, so I haven’t had problems.

I have many opportunities to use the both of the languages . My parents ate lawyers abd they travel a lot and sometimes Me and my sisters travel with them. My first opportunity to speak was when I was 10 years old and went with my mother and grandfather to some international law meeting in Berlin. There were people dfrom almost all over the world.

I really have had many opportunities to speak. Every winter holiday I go skiing with my family to the Alps in Austria. Now I have also Inernet at home and there is a lot of occasions to improve my languages. Especially when I have frineds  who come to Prague every year.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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