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Medical care of any type in our country is free of charge, although there are now many private doctors. When we are ill, we go to the doctor’s. Doctor examine us, fix our diagnosis and fixs the best treatment.
We can choose from two types of doctors:

First type is private doctor. When we choose private doctor, it has one big disadvantage. The disvantage is that we must pay for it on our own.
The second type is state doctor. When we choose state doctor almost all expenses covers our insurance company. It is very important to have insurance. If we don’t have any insurance we will have to pay at private doctor’s in the same way as at state doctor’s. When we don’t have insurance there is other very unpleasant thing. If we are in hospital for a long time, we will have to pay it and it is for everybody very expensive.

Every person should have his own practical doctor. This hasing practise doctor is very good because we can go there if we don’t feel very well.
He inspects us and he can make diagnosis alone, but somtimes he thinks that our feeling bad can be something weighty so he writes recommendation to specialited doctor. There are diffrent specializations in the medicine.
For example: ear specialist, alergologist, surgeon (= chirurg), orthoped, physioterapeutist, psychologist, dentist etc.
Children from 6 to 18 years have to go to the inspection to the dentist’s and practical doctor’s every year.

Adults don’t have to go to these inspections but they have to look after their health and once in a while go to the inspection. Very important but sometimes ignored are many types of vaccination during our lives.
For children the vaccination is watched  by practical doctors but for audlts it isn’t watched. They must watch (look after) it themselves and once in 10 years they must go for vaccination.

When we are ill we should stay at home. We should first phone to the doctor’s office and tell the doctor what is wrong with us. Than he tell us the date when we have to come. When I come there the first thing he does is, he look at my throat and takes culture from my throat. The he listens to my breath by the stetocope. Sometimes he checks my blood pressure, feel the pulse or put our blood or urine through lab-tests. Sometimes he may X-ray my lungs or bones. Then he prescribes effective medicine and I can go to pharmacy and than I can go home.

 We can suffer from various illnesses beginning with common childhood diseases. Usually we suffer from common infections such as colds, influenzathe "stomach flu", headache, throatache, allergy, acne, angina etc. In such cases we usually stay in bed, drink herbal teas, take pills, drops or vitamins and after a week or two we feel well again.

However the situation may sometimes be more serious and need special treatment in the hospital, e.g. heart attack. Or when we injured us and break an arm or leg. There are still diseases which can't be cured (nemohou být léčeny) such as cancer or AIDS.

We should try to live a healthy way of life, which means we should have a good proportion of work to leisure time. We should practice sports, at least swim or go for walks, we should eat healthy food with lots of vitamins, we should not smoke or drink too much alcohol. Evereybody has to look after his health because it is one of the most important thigs in our life.

Face, hair, eyes, eye lid (oční víčko), ears, cheeks (tváře), chin (brada), mouth, lips, teeth, neck/throat, forehead (čelo), tongue, eye brows (obočí), eye lashes (řasy), temple (spánek
Trunk (trup):
Back (záda), waist (pas), hips (kyčel, bok), havel (pupke), chest (hruď), breast (prsa, hruď), abdomen (břicho),
Limbs (údy):
Leg, thigh (stehno), knee, calf (lýtko), foot (noha), toe, arm (ruka), shoulders (ramena), elbow (loket), wrist (záúestí), hand (ruka), fingers (prsty) -> thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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