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Mark Twain – He is one of the greatest US authors. He comes from the South and he worked as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi river. “Mark twain” is a river-man’s phrase meanings two-pathoms-deep. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He became famous as a humorist and story-teller. His best books are based on his own experience along the Mississippi. It is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. These books describe the adventures of boyhood. Huck is a portrait of a frontier boy. He runs away because he is afraid that Aunt Sally will adopt him and civilise him, he is free and reminded free till the end of the book. He also took some inspiration from English history and wrote the well-known satire. He also took some inspiration from English history and wrote the well-known satire A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.
William Styron – He is influenced by Faulkner and writers novels on southern themes, although their message is more general (Lie down in Darkness, The Confession of Nat Turner). His excellent novel Sophie’s Choice deals with the problems of nazis concentration camps and conditions of human life in peace influenced by a bitter war experience.
o Sophie’s Choice – it is difficult composed psychological novel solving questions of rasism, sex and a guilt
-  There are three main characters of this novel: Stingo, who tells story about another two main characters: polish girl Sophie and her boyfriend Nathan. Stingo meet them in New York, in the house he lives in. This couple is very strange and impulsive because of their terrible struggles and after it love periods. The novel has two lines. In the first line Stingo talks about this couple and his friendship with them. And the explanation of struggles between Sophie and Nathan is that Nathan dope. Sohie decides to leave him, because Stingo loves her he want marry her and take her in the south to his farm, but she leave him and come back to Nathan and they die together.
-  The second line of this novel are Sophie’s memories of the time she were in Poland in the period of Worl War II. She was in concentration camp in Osvětim and she feels very guilty because she had to offer one of her children. And she decided for the younger one.
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