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Mr. Smith 1 November 2006
22 Wall Road
W4 3H6

Subject: Job application

Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing in answer to your advertisement “The Pardon” of 23 October 2006. I am interested in the advertised position of secretary.

I think I am suitable candidate as I have required qualifications and experience. I am a good team player, but I also can work independently. I thrive on challenge and I learn easily.

I am available for the interview at any time convenient to you. I would like to get an opportunity to prove my skills at the interview which I can attend at any time convenient to you.

I look forward to heaving for you soon.

Your sincerely


Job applications

Mme Elise Pater

4, rue Florés

690000 Lyon

May 17/ 2008

The Personnel Manager


14, av. des Juges

75005 Paris

Dear Sir,

I was interested to note your advertisement of a vacancy for a courier in the Herald Tribune for May 15. I would like to apply for this post and would be obliged if you could forward a copy of the application form to me at the above address.

Yours faithfully,

Mme Elise Pater

Dear Sir,

It was with great interest that I read your advertisement. I wish to apply for the post of Export Manager.

I am 31 years old, married and have been working as Assistant Export Manager for ARMCO Inc. for the past 3 years. I have already some experience in the marketing. I speak fluent English ang Spanish.

I enclose a copy of my curriculum vitae.

I will be happy to supply any other details you may require. I hope you will give me the advantage of an interview.

Your faithfully,

Enc: CV

  1. I should like to apply for th post of....... as advertised in the Sme

Chcel by som požiadať o miesto ....., na ktoré ste uverejnili inzerát v Sme.

  1. Your advertisement in the Daily Echo for 9 August interested me greatly.

Veľmi ma zaujal váš inzerát v DE z 9.8.

  1. I would be happy to send any details of my career that you may require.

Na požiadanie vám poskytnem ďalšie podrobnosti o mojej kariére.

  1. I look forward to hearing from you.

Teším sa na správy od vás.

  1. Hoping for a favourable reply.

Dúfam v priaznivú odpoveď.

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