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- family: group of people consisting of one/two parents and their children.
- kinship: KRVNÉ PRÍBUZENSTVO – connections between people – blood relationships, f. ex: mother and child
- marriage: when man and woman live together, they use the same surname, live life together with family, what they set up. Most of countries: marriage is individual choice, they meet, fall in love, marry. In others /Hindu religion, India – marriages are arranged by parents. Wedding - religious ceremony, parents in law...
- household: group of people living in one residence, not necessary to be a family or kinship relationship between them

- cohabitation: SPOLUŽITIE: when man and woman live together, in the same house hold, but they aren’t married, they can have a common child – more and more popular nowadays
And those who are not lucky in a searching the life partner and they’ve crossed the age about 27 – 30 years we called a spinster or a bachelor.
nuclear (families basically consisting of two generations of families living in same household)
extended (more generations 2-3 living in the same household in very close proximity – brothers, sisters, cousins...)
broken – single parent (when is only of parent. Factors: death of a marriage partner, divorce – difficulties – money, emotions
step f. NEVLASTNÁ: is becoming common
- the right time to marry: important age, love, children, enough money
- increasing rate of divorces: no love more, married to early, no children, prefer career, no help in households and children bringing up, egoist, new women, no money for family, alcohol, parents-in-law...
- personal info (Name, address, date of birth)
- family members, pets (look, characteristics, hobbies, interests), ideal number of children – the only child, no, many children
- family relations (with siblings, parents – children – grand parents, help, normal day routine and celebrations in family - help and teach each other, taking after someone, get on with, respect, admire, bring up
- trend of nowadays – small families – why is it trendy (little money, small flat, less time for children, career)
- pocket money for children – my idea – (learning to save money, a sum of money depends of age, social situation), getting of pocket money daily, weekly, monthly
- little or no time for children (parents are till evening in job, more than 1 job, to make career, work in households, garden
- more generations in one house – generation problems (living together, grandparents would like to up bring their grandchildren different than parents, destroy authority of parents, pamper ROZMAZNÁVAŤ children, have to be tolerance
- rearing VÝCHOVA - bringing up of children – is difficult to bring up a child to a good person, to praise CHVÁLIŤ, punishment, strict, tolerant…
- problems in families: domestic violence, arguments, troubles, sexual, physical, verbal, psychological abuse
- celebrations in family:
Christening is important from a religious point of view. Godparents should educate their godchildren and they should be able to look after them at any time or to become their foster parents.
the first day at school, a green ribbon party, living exams, university graduating
Birthday parties (birthday cake with candles, presents, photos, birthday card)
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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