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ETHICS: the study of morals, moral rules, principles of behaviour, moral law, set of rules what humans should do, terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness…
ETIQUETTE: the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of particular profession
LAW: important to obey the law, if no law and rules – chaos, anarchy, robberies…, punishment for crime, trial (lawyer, witnesses, judge, defence, jury), verdict, prison…

GREETING: In Europe younger people greet older, man greets woman, children greet adults. People in North America are much less formal in their greetings
DINING: The European style – the knife in right hand, eat with fork in the left, fork prongs curved down. America – you cut meat with the knife in right hand and fork in the left, but switch the fork from the left to right after cutting the meat, the fork prongs curved  up to scoop up food. Finished with meal = the fork and knife side-by-side on the plate…
VISITS: reason for visit, announcing of visit, topics to talk depend from relationship (family, friends, colleague, boss), no remorse and slandering…, good atmosphere, fun…
OTHER: women covering their shoulders, no short skirts when entering a church, men taking off hats in a church, women wearing knee-length skirts for business and diplomacy, women wearing hats and gloves when meeting personalities like the Pope and the Queen.

POSITION IN SOCIETY: depends of many things – family, place (city, town, village), country we live in
SOCIAL CLASSES: GB = 3 classes – upper, middle, lover, SVK = similar but our upper class = no noble origin but property – politicians, sportsmen, actors, people with big estate
PROBLEMS IN SOCIETY: abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, alcohol, drugs, vandalism, prostitution, poverty, illiteracy, illnesses, rape, steal, robbery, murder, assault, slander, fraud, abuse, kidnapping, hijack, blackmail...
HELP: importance of understanding and help to the retired, sick, homeless, disabled, unemployed, widows parents and people on a very low income…
WAYS OF HELP: PEOPLE: financial help from people, toys for children in foster home (detský domov), clothes and food for homeless, STATE: benefits, retirement pension, maternity pay, widow’s pension, sickness benefit, invalidity pension, child benefit, unemployment benefit, income support, housing benefits…
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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