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Towns and Places

IMPORTANT PLACES IN MY LIFE: place of birth, place we lived in during our childhood – special relation (memories of childhood, grandparents, friends, first day at school, first love...), some people live in the same place whole life (birth, study, job, marriage + children, retirement in one town, village), the other moved as children to different town even country (new friends, school system, language, habits, culture...), place of study (living in school dormitory – boarding house – internát), work abroad (new contacts, experience)...
MY TOWN – NITRA: Nitra is a city with rich political, cultural and agricultural traditions, it is also called the „Mother of Slovak towns“. It is located in the south-west of Slovakia under Zobor hill on river Nitra. It is (like Rome is) located on 7 hills (Kalvária, Čermáň, Borina, Vŕšok, Hradný kopec, Zobor and Martinský vrch). In 9th century Nitra was a residence of Nitra´s principality and later the Great Moravian Empire. In 863 came 2 brothers – Konstantin and Methodius, who brought the first Slavonic alphabet, orthography and Christianity. Nitra was divided into the upper and lower town. The dominant feature is the Nitra Castle (one of the oldest and nicest castles in Slovakia, a residence of catholic bishop, the castle consists of 3 parts – the castle, seat and cathedral, which is divided into the Gothic upper church, Baroque church and the Romanesque church of Pribina from the 13th century.) At the foot of the castle stand the Plague Column and a group of bronze statues of Constantine and Methodius. In the upper town there are also the Priestly Seminary, the diocesan library, Pribina statue, in the corner of the Kluch´s palace there is a figure of atlant called Corgoň. In the lower town the tourists can visit many historical buildings and churches (the Piaristic church, the Jewish Synagogue, St. Michal´s church over Drážovce, the Mission House and the Church of our Lady on Kalvaria hill…). Nitra is called also “the city of young people” – many primary, secondary schools, 2 universities – Slovak agricultural university and University of Constantine Philosopher. Important is also exhibition area Agrokomplex.
MY DREAM TOWN/PLACE: some info about my dream town, have I already visited it or do I want in future? Would I go there again? Where do I know this place from? Some interesting sights, monuments… What is this place famous for?
Famous Slovak towns/places: Interesting are towns BA, NR, TT, ZA, TN, Bojnice with Bojnice castle, castle Červený kameň, Orava castle, Spišské podhradie, mining (banícke) towns Kremnica and BS, in Levoča there is the famous wood Altar built by master Paul, in Medzilaborce is Andy Warhol museum. Nature lovers should visit the High Tatras.
London: Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Whitehall, Downing Street 10, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, The British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, St. James’s Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, Madame Tussaud´s, Greenwich, Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe…
Stratford-upon-Avon: birthplace of William Shakespeare, Holy Trinity Church, Grammar School, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Harvard House…
Oxford: 34 colleges, the Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera, the Christ Church…
Cambridge: also university town
Canterbury: seat of the Archbishop, Canterbury Cathedral
York (York Minister – cathedral), Warwick (Warwick castle), Winchester (Winchester cathedral, Winchester College), Brighton (Royal Pavilion), Devon region (National Parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor), Stonehenge, Salisbury (Cathedral of Saint Mary), Bath (roman spa), Liverpool (Beatles), Hadrian’s Wall, Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland, Castle), Loch Ness, Loch Lomond
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