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CLOTHES: always important for people, fashion styles change often – ancient times (protection against cold, frost, rain), later (important sign of people’s social status), previous centuries (women’s and men’s clothes totally different – women: skirts, dresses, long hair; men: trousers, shirts, jackets), (the revolution in clothing, ready-made clothes – cheap), 20th century (clothing changed rapidly – hair of he same length, trousers also women, men wear earrings, scarves – šály… The 2 sexes have more in common), later (mini skirts, wide trousers), now (to be attractive, clothes of various brands: Nike, Adidas, quality materials, wide assortment)…

FASHION: the style of dress, also hairstyle, make-up, accessories (jewellery, shoes, bags, glasses, umbrellas). Fashion styles change often – mini-skirts, narrow trousers replaced by wide trousers, flat shoes by high-heeled shoes, longer skirts, narrow trousers, wide trousers again…
A PERSON´S CHOICE: influenced by climate, weather, job, financial situation, attitude to fashion, taste (vkus). Hot countries (light clothes to cool body, hats & glasses to protect against sun’s rays), colder countries (clothes protecting body from the cold – fur coats, boots, fur caps in winter…).
MATERIALS: important, each fabric hat special qualities, first canvas (plátno), cotton, later synthetic fibres), silk (hodváb), wool (vlna), leather (koža), linen (plátno)…
COLOUR: important in fashion, white (for babes on christening, brides dress…), pink (baby girl), blue (baby boy), cold colours (grey, navy blue, black), warm types (beige, cream white, light blue, brown, yellow, red)
CASUAL CLOTHES: worn for everyday purposes, at home, sport, comfortable clothes – T-shirts, jeans, trainers, anoraks, slacks = nohavice, slippers = papuče)
FORMAL CLOTHES: people working in banks, offices – men (suits, shirts, ties, shoes), women (suits, tops, blouses, accessories, shoes – pumps = lodičky), for special occasions (long dresses for ladies, dinner jackets = smoking for men
Woman’s clothes: underwear (knickers, bras, slips, stockings = pančuchy), pyjamas, night dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans = svetre, trousers, jeans, jackets, suits, anorak = vetrovka, winter coat, fur coat, accessories  (shoes, boots, handbags, scarves = šále, hats, gloves), jewelleries (earrings, rings, arm bracelets, ), summer dresses, shorts, T-shirts, miniskirts, swimming suits, cocktail dresses, high-heeled shoes…
MEN´S CLOTHES: simpler, more conservative, not changing much, underwear (undershirts, underpants), socks, trousers, shirts, suits, anorak, coat, accessories (shoes, boots, ties, gloves, hats, caps, belts, handker-chiefs), special occasions (dark suits, white shirt, shoes, tie or bowtie, dinner jacket)…
DRESSMAKING: big business nowadays, many popular fashion designers have fashion shows, important social event, plenty people watch them to know what to wear the following year, the most popular – Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivien Westwood, Donatella Versace…
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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