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Housing is a manifestation of human being, it expresses our lifestyle. In the past, people lived in caves and they decorated their dwellings. Through shacks and palaces, we come from caves, to super modern houses. In every country, there is a different style of housing. However it has something in common – people, who live in a house, should feel pleasantly.
We know a lot of kinds of housing. Terraced houses are built in a row and are joined one to another to form a street. Two houses joined together by one common wall are called semi-detached house. A detached house stands by itself and is not joined to another house. A bungalow is a one-storey house. A cottage is a small village house.

Housing in Slovakia is still different in cities and villages. In villages and small towns you can see a lot of semi-detached houses and detached houses as well as cottages. In the country side you can find something which isn’t in cities. I think living in the village has one disadvantage that everyone knows everybody and you cannot do something what your neighbours won’t know. Contra living in the city is that people cannot escape from city’s noise and pollution. Comparing in the city are more opportunities to find some job or some leisure activity. On the other hand country is healthier and there’s more nature life surroundings and people feel there safer than in cities. Everything has some cons and pros so it’s only on us where we choose to live.
My ideal living: I’d prefer small house. I don’t want to have there a lot of rooms. Bright and big rooms are necessary in my ideal house. I’d like to have big kitchen with modern equipments which would do many things instead of me. It’s difficult for me to imagine more details because I think my opinions will change.

Home means a lot of different things to everyone. As I see it, home’s a place where you can return any time you need some help or encouragement and you’re there welcome. In my view it’s a place where we were growing up so we have relation to it. Home isn’t only a building. Our parents made it for us to feel safe, loved and to have nothing to miss. Consequently home is mainly the atmosphere of our relationships.

In Slovakia people live in houses or flats. We build our own houses and that’s the main difference between us and British and Americans. They buy their houses from commercial builders or from the people who are already living there. The buying and selling of houses is a big business there. Almost half of all British families own the houses in which they live. In order to buy a house a family in Britain does not need to have all the money. It is possible to borrow up to 90% of the value of the house from many special banks.

A typical British house is set in a small garden and has two storeys. British people are fond of gardening. A beautiful well kept lawn is a pride of every British family. The British like to spend their free time in their houses. Living conditions of American people depend much on the amount of money they have. Many wealthy people have very large houses with many rooms, tennis courts and swimming pools. On the other hand, there are also people who are homeless. Homelessness is a big social problem in the USA. In spite of that standard of living is generally very high in the USA, an average American family can live comfortably and well. In the centre of big cities many people live in apartments situated in in large apartment buildings. They usually rent apartments. The Americans do not stay in the same house for their whole lives because some of them like to move to another parts of the country.
After choosing the place and the type of our future dwelling (dom, obydlie, príbytok) , we have to start thinking about money because buying a flat or a house is usually very expensive, but we do not need to have all money. If you work, you may take out mortgage. Young people who cannot afford to buy a flat or a house often choose to live in rented accommodation. However, it is expensive too, so nowadays it is quite common for students to live in hostels, or for young families to live with their parents.

Our World is not never-ending, so buildings are built rather skywards than abroad. People kill vegetation for their homes. They don’t care about the future. From my point of view in a few years, there will be minimal greenness, so people ought to think of our atmosphere.

My bedroom is not very large but sunny. Walls are light orange, covered with pictures. There is a big table near the window where you can find many kinds of papers, books, pencils, pens, photos and so on. Sometimes it looks very chaotic but I can find there everything I want. Behind my table there is a bed where I spend most of my time when I read a book, listen music, study or sleep. I love sleeping very much.
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