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Beginnings of science: Science and technology is as old as the mankind. Science has started to develop as people had begun somehow to try to improve their lives. The first inventions and discoveries were very simple. As the first important discovery we consider the discovery of fire and the invention of wheel. Later many important inventions like writing, reading, counting, astronomy, medicine and chemistry began to develop. Man’s effort to survive and to improve his way of life made him invent new and better tools, get deeper knowledge and control of the forces of nature. As man’s knowledge grew people found it useful to classify it. It was separated into various branches, such as physics – the study of natural forces, biology – the study of living beings, chemistry – the study of materials...

Science is the study of natural things. But it’s wide term, because we can divide science into many branches - social, life, physical sciences and into research.
· Social sciences – include psychology, philosophy, history, geography, political science, economy and others
· Live sciences – include anatomy, biology, botany, ecology, genetics, medicine, microbiology, zoology…
· Physical sciences – are physics, mechanics, electronics, astronomy, optic, nuclear physics…
· Research – bibliography, computer research, hypothesis, observation, experiments…

Science influenced our lives a lot. Many inventions and discoveries helped us a lot. It is difficult to say which one was the most important; each made our life easier in its way – paper, electricity, telephone, car, laser…
But according to me for our lives nowadays the most important invention was electricity. Because I can not imagine life without it. All equipments depend on this kind of energy, light, ovens, TVs and also heating. If electricity existed no more just from now, it would be a disaster for our generation. So that I think, electricity is as well as oil, oxygen and water the most important part of our life. Very important was also invention of car. It made transport faster and more comfortable and significantly shortened travel time. It was invented by two Germans, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz.
What is necessary to say is the fact, that current statement of energy sources will be spent in a few years and science should find new ways how to produce energy. But scientists have to be really honest, successful and clever in their section. They have to take his job as a special and important function for all the humankind. It can not be misused. For example how it was during the war, when the most important action was to find out nuclear bomb and to get power with using of it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely destroyed and many human lives were lost. Scientists have to be responsible to their work because it can cause problems or even disasters for the whole world. I mean system crash in nuclear power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine about 20 years ago. It was terrible disaster and many people died because of failure of human management at that time, but also years after not only in Ukraine but also in neighbouring countries and other countries in Europe.
But there are indeed many inventions which helped us a lot. For example I couldn’t imagine life without inventions of the science. Maybe it is our laziness, maybe necessity of this age. But I really can’t imagine live for example without mobile phone, computer, radio and other inventions like internet, CDs, DVDs… This all makes our live much easier. On the other hand, we become lazy, because we can find everything sitting in front of computer and with a few clicks we get what we want and gradually we became addicted.
We can not forget on natural things, movement and time to time it’s important to forget science and to go to nature. But I have to say that thanks to internet the world is closer, what was in the past far away. Nowadays we can communicate with people through internet in a few seconds. Internet can enable also new learning system – you just download what you have to learn and then you send your homework to the teacher, or you can talk to him across programmes like Skype or Messenger online.
For the humankind science is really important, mostly inventions in medicine – new medicines, cure methods and exact operations thanks to microsurgery. But we can not forget that science can be also misused. I mean genetic cloning. We gave already tried to make clones of animals which still live, for example cloned sheep Dolly. Just imagine what would happen if scientists try to create human clones. We can not allow this! Then humankind will be human no more, but we will be something like robots. And it isn’t natural, no good. Let the science just to help us, not to reign to us!
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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