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Man and Society

Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

Autor: Chlapec dunky (29)
Typ práce: Referát
Dátum: 29.05.2009
Jazyk: Angličtina
Rozsah: 979 slov
Počet zobrazení: 11992
Tlačení: 515
Uložení: 500

Rules, values and ethics are the basis of every good society. It’s very important to keep these principles. They can help people to get on with another people. And it’s very important, because when people are on good terms with another people it’s better for society. We could prevent wars, conflicts and other nuisances. We learn moral rules and principles all our life. Our parents raise us up, they teach us moral principles, values, they teach us what is polite and impolite, what should we do etc. At first they have to show us how to do it, because if  they expect their children to take good manners seriously, they have to show the same manners to them. They tell us, that we should greet older people, that man should greet woman, children should greet adults they know in a nice. They tell us, that we should greet loud, with clear voice, looking into the eyes. They prepare us for life. They give us the basis of morals and it’s good for us. Because when we are polite, we can have good relations with another people.  

ETHICS is the study of morals. It is also called morality or moral law because it is about what is right and what is not, and how we decide what to do. Everybody have the right to life, the right to freedom from injury and the right to privacy. People must avoid from rape, murder, slander, stealing, assault, fraud.

ETIQUETTE is the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a profession.

Position of a man in society depends of many things. The 1st one is a family where the man was born. In society there are classes, into which people are divided according to their origin, job position, education or lifestyle. For example in GB there are 3 classes - upper, middle and lower class. We could say that something similar we have also in Slovakia. But in our upper class there are no people with noble origin and we include here people according to their property, like politicians, sportsmen, actors and other people with a big estate.
In our society here are many problems like abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, alcohol, drugs, vandalism, prostitution, poverty, illiteracy, illnesses… We hear about them, talk about them and each of us has his own opinion how to prevent or to keep them down. It is difficult to say which one of these problems is the most severe /najzávažnejší/ one.

So that I have decided to mention two of them – abortion and taking of drugs. There was a big cause in mass media, because our politicians and church wanted to prohibit abortion. In my opinion they should not do so, because each woman knows if she is capable to have a baby, if she is adult enough, has enough money or if she wants to have a family. It is her life and government or church should not influence her decision. The reason is that no one of them would pay everything for these babies. Although church says abortion is a sin /hriech/, I think it is better if a woman undergoes /podstúpi/ this operation, than if she should have a baby which she had not wanted because she still is not capable to take care of him/her.

Another topic I wanted to talk about is taking of drugs and permission of their public ingestion /užívanie/. I am not interested in politics but I know that in the Netherlands there are some drugs allowed. I have to claim that this topic is very controversial /diskutabilná/. Some of us can say that it is the same if taking of drugs is legal or illegal because people who want and need to take them will do so in both cases. Yes, on the one hand it is true, but despite of it /aj tak/ I do not agree with this law. What would be better if it would be legal? According to me nothing, it would be even worse and people would try them more. They could tell: “Why should I not to try it? It is legal as well as normal cigarettes, alcohol or coffee.” Legalisation of drugs would not help to our society.
It is very important to have rules if the society should be functional. If it is the other way each of us would do just what he wants, we would not know what is right and what is wrong and we would prove every time something more because of no punishment. And society can not be functional like this. Each of us should live following the saying which says that we must not treat other people in the way we do not want to be treated too.
Everyone must know what their rights and duties are. Everyone who lives in a society must keep the rules of the society. Every society has it own moral rules of behaviour. Society has a right to expect people to obey the law.  If anybody doesn’t and they are a danger to society, they can be locked up. No man is born as a criminal. His environment makes him what he is. A criminal must pay for his crime. The price he has to pay depends on the seriousness of the crime. A person should be punished very severely for a serious crime, but less severely for a lesser crime. He can be put in a jail (prison) for a small crime, but for murder, he should pay with his life. Some people are demanding the return of capital punishment for murder. I don’t agree with a capital punish-ment and with any corporal punishments. Criminal should do social welfare work or community service. Some crimes threaten human life: robbery, burglary, mugging, kidnapping, hijack, murder, shoplifter...
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