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It is important too know the present state of one’s own body and healthy.
It is impossible to qualify everything as illness, sickness or disease. In case of light disorders we usually say: I feel unwell, I feel dizzy, I feel seedy, I feel sick etc., I have headache, I have cold etc. Most often we suffer from common infections such as cold, flu (influenza) or angina (tonsillitis). If one has got a temperature he doesn’t want to risk of worsening his state of health [1], he goes to see the doctor. There are various types of medical treatment for our different types of troubles. In lighter cases the doctor examines the patient’s chest and throat or check our blood pressure, feel the pulse or put our blood or urine through lab tests. Sometimes the doctors X-rays our lugs or bones. Than he/she fixes the diagnostic and therapy and prescribes medicines. Patients usually stay in bed, drink herbal tea, take pills, drops or vitamins, perspire [2], test his temperature and sleep as much as possible, and after a week or two we feel well again.

In more serious cases - at injuries, casualties or case of unconsciousness [3] - comes an ambulance car and drivers transported one to the hospital. In some heavy injury the helicopter is called up. Sometimes it is necessary to render first aid, e.g. mouth-to mouth respiration, fixing a fractured extremity etc. Bigger ambulance cars have also got apparatus for oxygen, a reserve of infusions etc.

More serious causes - such as heater attack, appendices, breaking bones, animal or snake bite, severe bleeding, poisoning, tuberculosis, pneumonia etc. - sometimes needs special treatment in the hospital, The doctor’s care must be very attentive [4] because human life is in danger. It is the same situation with all possible operations and surgeon interference [5]. Heavy bleeding [6] patients are at once anaesthetised by an injection or an inhalation of a narcotic and operated at the theatre.

It is enough to say that there are still diseases which cannot be cured such as cancer or encephalitis who’s virus is transferred by ticks and the last world threat is AIDS - because of this one must protect himself from such a diseases by increased caution. We must go through many types of vaccination during our lives. Doctors usually prescribes some medicine to us - mainly pills, antibiotics, drops or ointments. Scarlet fever [7], bronchitis, otitis [8], chicken-pox [9], mumps [10] etc. are dangerous for children of kindergarten or school age but owing to vaccination and hygiene, diseases like these above or diphtheria [11], hepatitis [12], measles [13] etc. aren’t serious danger any more.

It is true that prevention is better than cure but the best way to cure yourself of a disease is not to catch it. We should try to live a healthy way of life, which especially means we should have a good proportion between our sleep an up time to keep our mental state in order. We should correct daily routines, practice sport, we should eat healthy food with lots vitamins, not smoke and alcohol drinking etc. This habits up to a high age and healthy body.

[1] nechce riskovat zhoršení zdraví
[2] potit se
[3] v případě ztráty vědomí
[4] pozorný
[5] chirurgické zásahy
[6] krvácející
[7] spála
[8] zánět středního ucha
[9] neštovice
[10] příušnice
[11] záškrt
[12] žloutenka
[13] spalničky
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