Sport – a letter for a friend (B1)

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Sport – a letter for a friend (B1) 

Hi George!

I have received your letter, thanks for writing to me. I've read that you have some questions you need answered for your school magazine project. I'll do my best to answer them as well as I can, even though I'm not really a sports fan.

We have a few sports that we excel at. If I had to name a few, it would be soccer, hockey, and the recently most successful one, skiing, which is probably my favorite. In the skiing scene, there is Petra Vlhová. She made a huge impact on the Slovak sports scene. Petra managed to win a gold medal in 2022! With her achievements, she became a person that many children look up to.

I have tried many sports in my life, though all of them were at a casual level. I have yet to go pro. Currently, the sport I love and play is volleyball. I love the teamwork and social aspect of it. In the past, I was a soccer player, but I eventually stopped playing it. I really dislike running, which is a huge part of it. But thanks to soccer and volleyball, I have made a lot of great friends, for which I'm thankful.

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