Choosing a career, my plans for the future

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Choosing a career, my plans for the future

- as a small child, I dreamt of being a …

– I began to think of what I would really like to do when I was about … years old.

– I like working with people, I like travelling and work with computers, so I’d like to work for some company; maybe I want to be a…

– for me it's not easy to decide what I’d like to do for my whole life because I still really don’t know what I want to do all my life; but I know I like to have an interesting job and high salary

– for me good job should be well paid and interested too. I would like to have pleasant co-workers and the best way will be when my job include to being my own boss. I would like my job to include having possibilities for travel and also using my abilities and experiences

– To me, money earned is important factor, but not the most important, in deciding my future job because money in this world are very necessary and I would like to have my own car, house… And I think that the salary is as important as job satisfaction

– Qualities that I think a boss appreciates in workers include hard work and punctuality. Bad employee for me is someone who is lazy.

– I hope that after graduation I will be able to study at the university

– You can earn millions and you can still be unhappy and commit a suicide.

– After my studies or during my studies on holidays I want to see some foreign country. Travelling is expensive but there are many tips for young people how to travel cheaper.

– I want to set my own family, run my own household and bring up children.

– I want to live in … I don’t like to live in a block of flats; they are like boxes for rabbits.

– I want to study languages, because everyone says to me that I will need it. Then I’d like to work somewhere with people. I don’t want to work in an office and work with papers. Maybe I’ll try to travel somewhere.

manual work manuální práce
brainwork duševní práce
profession povolání
job, employment zaměstnání
employ zaměstnat
employee  zaměstnanec
employer  zaměstnavatel

branch  obor
specialisation  specializace
firm  firma
institute ústav
office úřad
qualification  kvalifikace
earn vydělávat
pay plat

salary měsíční plat
fee honorář
tax daň
insurance  pojištění
pension  důchod, penze (peníze)
work conditions prac. podmínky
working hours prac. doba
overtime přesčas
shift směna

solicitor  advokát
tailor  krejčí
foreman  mistr
shop-assistant  prodavačka
housewife žena v domácnosti
charwoman  uklízečka
dressmaker švadlena

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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