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Introduction - Most of the people do the shopping because they have to. They have to buy food, clothes, sometimes equipment. Or they just want to have anything new. Some people, especially women and girls, love shopping. They can’t live without it. It’s necessary for them to go through the shop and look what new they have and what is cheaper and what is more expensive. It’s a form of relaxation for them, which costs them a lot of money. Sometimes they buy stupid things just to have them. Useless clothes etc. Some of us have to go to the shop to buy some presents. It’s a disaster usually, especially with men. They go and go and don’t know what to buy.
Different kinds of shops
- stalls - standing in the streets and squares or at the tube-stations (many of their keepers are Vietnamese), you can buy watches, jeans or shoes cheaper than anywhere else, but this goods often have terrible quality – lose colours, shape, …
- self-service shops or supermarkets – bigger, you can buy also goods from chemist or ironmonger here
- hypermarkets – very large, sell all possible kinds of food and kitchen and house needs
- department stores – usually huge buildings equipped with speedy lifts and escalators, where you can buy almost everything from food to furniture
- big markets, which are sponsored from abroad, could be dangerous for small private shops, because they can push off them
- TV shopping – adverts on TV, you can phone and they will post you the goods
- Internet shopping – you search an Internet page of some shop and you can find the prizes and you can order some goods or duties, you can send money from your bank account for programs’ registration
- Window shopping - it has got a lot of advantages - you don‘t need money, you can see a lot of interesting things without entering to the shop - you don‘t have to queue, you can have a nice survey about prices or new kinds or trends, I do this when I have nothing to do, when I wait for the bus or for friends…
Shopping in my family: My mother goes to the shop regularly every day after work. She buys bread or rolls or some sweets.. Time to time we go shopping to a big supermarkets like Makro or Kaufland and we buy there things for a long time or we buy there some clothes and shoes.
Buying presents - I don‘t like buying presents because I never know what to buy. I hate buying useful presents. I think present should be anything special not ordinary things which you will use every day. But my imagination doesn‘t work well usually that time. So I buy typical gifts like books, chocolates, cosmetic etc. It makes me mad because it‘s still the same. And I‘m not able to found a new idea.
Clothes - It is not easy to do shopping in Prague, because there are many people everywhere. Everything is very expensive and it is difficult to choose a good thing in a good quality. Moreover the shop assistants are not polite but lazy to advise you. It is usually better to do shopping in small shops, because there they have better choice and lower prices. Special things like electronics is better to buy in a special shop.
You can buy in expensive shops especially brand goods, these shops are good, because usually they have your size and the shop assistant must be polite. But there is a problem with the price. These things are usually very expensive. If you are not rich, you cannot buy in shops like Giga sport, United colour of Beneton, Nike, Adidas, or Russell athletic. If you don't like these shops with brand goods, you can go to a department store like Kotva, or to the second hand shops, there you can buy everything very cheap. But in department stores he goods usually do not fit. Second hand shops are very advantageous for young people, especially for students. If you have a lucky day, you can buy there good things in good quality which will fit you.
I like small shops with ceramics, India shops with scented sticks, they are usually family shop, and the shop assistant tries to sell you something. When they have time, they talk to you about weather, politics, family, or an old recipe how to cook a fish.
Books - Nowadays there is problem with books. After the leaving exam many people want go to the universities school, and there they need a lot of books. Books are very expensive, so they must look for these titles in second hand bookshops or ask some other students to copy their books. If you are lucky, you find someone who doesn't need the book you are looking for and he is content to sell it to you. Another problem with books is with entertaining literature. We don't really need it but we want it. There is alternative to buy books in antiques or lend books in a library. But some people who collect books must save if they want to buy some book.
Shopping in department stores x normal shops
- Department stores - It‘s more comfortable, you can buy everything there, you are in one building, you don‘t have to travel through whole town, you can spend whole day there. There is a big choice there. There is a lot of space there but sometimes there could be a big amount of people. There could be some problems with service. If there is a lot of people you can‘t find a staff, you can get lost – it‘s dangerous for small children. The prizes are higher.
-  Normal shops, boutiques - There is not everything in one shop, you have to go to more shops, you have to queue in every shop, there is lesser choice there, you are served, it’s cheaper, in the village it’s more familiar, there is often full so there is lack of space, it’s not open whole day or on weekends, old people can have a chat.
I prefer department stores to ordinary shops. You have to visit a lot of shops and there are different goods in every shop. I choose something but don’t buy it and I go to another shop then I have to go back. You have better choice but it lasts very long. Department stores are the best If you want to buy only food I thing. You don’t have to go to bakery, butcher, fruit, etc.
Food - When you buy some food, you must be careful. Big markets want sell everything. So it is better to do shopping in small private shops, because it's owners want to have a good reputation. If you buy food everywhere, be careful and wash all fruit and vegetable before you eat it.
Shopping in foreign cities is for us very interesting. After the breakdown of Soviet block, people from eastern Europe loved to travel abroad and do shopping there. It is was like a fever. In these days it is better but people still like buying things which are atypical for their country and typical for the country they visited.
How shops try to influence customers - Adverts, lower prizes, competitions, special offers – summer or winter reductions (slevy), customer can taste the food or try to drive a car, close-out-sales, special gifts for buying something. They put the most expensive things in the height of your eyes and cheaper goods somewhere down so you see the most expensive things first.
trade, trader obchod, obchodník
wholesale   velkoobchod
retail maloobchod 
market trh
exhibition gronds  výstaviště
on the stall na stánku
department store obchodní dům
shop obchod
counter  pult
self-service shop  samoobsluha
pawnshop  zastavárna
signboard  vývěsní štít
store  skladiště
supply, supplier dodávat, dodavatel
shop-keeper  majitel obchodu
shop window výkladní skříň
buyer kupující
shop assistant  prodavač
customer  zákazník
consumer goods spotřební zboží
articles druhy zboží
first class goods prvotřídní zboží
quality goods kvalitní zboží
deal in st. obchodovat s něčím
large assortment  velký sortiment
keep a shop  mít obchod
in stock  na skladě
out of stock  vyprodáno
for sale   na prodej
purchase koupě

do the shopping dělat nákupy
enter the shop  vejít do obchodu
queue up for postavit se do fronty
attend  obsluhovat
great demand velká poptávka
keep it for you  schovat to pro vás
to sell quickly jít rychle na odbyt
consignment  zásilka
clearance sale výprodej
bargain výhodná koupě
cash-desk  pokladna
cashier pokladní
wrap up the parcel zabalit balíček
wrapper  obal
offer nabízet
deliver dodat
order  objednávka
deposit záloha
fixed price  pevná cena
prices range from to   ceny se pohybují od do
reduced/cut prices snížené cena
make out a bill for vystavit účet pro
pay the bill platit účet
prices are going up  ceny stoupají
guarantee certificate  záruční list
competition  konkurence
push off  vytlačit
shopping list nákupní lístek
developed rozvinutý
influence  ovlivnit
in my case v mém případě
compromise  kompromis
exchange  výměna
purse  peněženka
advertising  reklama
in cash  v hotovosti
by cheque šekem
by credit card  kreditní kartou
on hire purchase  koupě na splátky 
pay interest  platit úroky
antique shop starožitnictví
bakery  pekařství
butcher  řeznictví
clothes shop  konfekce
confectioner’s   cukrárna
diary sells mlékárna
drapers obchod s látkami
drugstore, chemist’s drogerie
drycleaner’s  čistírna
electrical appliances  elektro
fishmonger  obchodník s rybami
florist květinářství
fruiterer’s ovocnářství
gift shop suvenýry
greengrocer  zelinářství
grocery potraviny
haberdashery galantérie
ironmonger železářství
jewellers  klenotnictví
lingerie  prodejna spodního prádla
newsagent’s  prodejna novin
shoemaking trade  obuvnictví
stationer’s  papírnictví
tobacconist’s trafika
toy shop hračkářství
wine-merchant  obchod s vínem
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