Can we live in peace?

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Can we live in peace?A lot of people and organizations are trying to answer this question (for example UN). The answer to this question is in us. No in presidents, governments and important people, but in us. We have 2 alternatives: live in peace and harmony or in war and fear. Lot of people thinks that they have only one choice, and this choice is war. But others have other opinion - diplomatic action.  We can resolve problems without war or fighting.  We must believe and want this solution. 

With this attitude we can change am lot.
Now we are on border of abysm because tension among some states is big. The September 11th had started war against terrorists.  South Korea had started their nuclear program, war in Iraq deals out states. The biggest terror and fear was during Second World War. Millions of people died in fights, in concentration camps, during bombardment. World Wars were the biggest tragedies in history. If the world war starts in the twenty-one century, it will be the end of the world. And for this we have to live in peace. It is important for everyone to live in peace, because the other alternative can destroy us.
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