My family

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My family
Talk about:

- My autobiography – môj životopis
- Describe your family – opíšte svoju rodinu
- Describe individual members of your family – opíšte jednotlivých členov vašej rodiny:

- appearance - vzhľad
- character / personality: What is he (she) like? (Aká/Aký je?) – povaha / osobnosť
- hobbies: What does he like doing? (Čo rád robí?)
- job / studies
- Household duties – domáce povinnosti
- Leisure time in our family- voľný čas v našej rodine
- The relationship between parents and children (problems, generation gap) – vzťah medzi rodičmi a deťmi (problémy, generačné rozdiely)

My autobiography:
My name is .................. I was born on the (1st, 2nd,...) ....... of ......... (January, February...) 1990 in Čadca. I am 16 years old. I live in a house/a flat in ................... with my parents and my siblings. I have a brother and a sister. I attend Secondary vocational and apprentice school in Čadca. I am the first (second, third, fourth) year student.
When I finish school, I would like to work as ....................................... (an electrician / a plumber / a businessman...).
My hobbies are .................................. (listening to music, watching TV, reading books, playing football, playing computer games...)
My family:
My family has 5 members. It is my mother, my father, my sister and my brother. We live in a house in …………. I also have a grandmother and a grandfather who live with us. We also have a dog – his name is ……….. He is also the member of our family.
My mother:
My mother’s name is ……… She is ……… years old. She is tall and slim. She has blue eyes and short curly hair. Her hair is dark. She is very nice and talkactive. She likes other people and she is always willing to help everybody. Her hobbies are swimming and knitting. She also likes reading books and chatting with our neighbours. She is sometimes moody but everybody likes her. I love my mother because she can cook tasty meals and she always looks after us well.
My father:
My father’s name is ........................... He is ............. years old. He is tall and overweight. He weighs 120 kilos. He has brown eyes and short brown hair. He is very strict and he shouts a lot. He is not very tolerant. Sometimes I am afraid of my father. His hobbies are watching TV and driving. He doesn’t like reading books and doing exercise.
My sister:
My sister is older than me. Her name is ………………. She is ……….. years old and she is single. She works as a (an) ………………. She is not very tall and she is slim. She doesn’t eat a lot and she is always on diet. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. Her hair is blond because she dyes it blond. She is very shy, quiet and everybody likes her. She has a boyfriend. His name is …………………..  She is tolerant, but she doesn’t like mess. In her free time she likes reading books and going out for a walk with her dog. She also likes going to the cinema with her friends. I like my sister because she always helps me with everything.
My brother:
My brother is younger than me. His name is …………………… and he is …....... years old. He goes to school in Čadca.  He isn’t very tall. He has short brown hair, blue eyes like my mother and he has freckles. He likes wearing jeans. He is the youngest child in our family, so he is very spoilt and cheeky. Sometimes I beat him up when my mother doesn’t look.
I get on well with my family and I love them very much. That’s all I can say about my family.

Children can help at home in the following ways  /nasledujúcimi spôsobmi/:

GIRLS can:
wash the dishes (wash up) – umyť riad
clean windows
do the ironing – žehliť
do the hovering – vysávať
tidy up the house – upratať
water flowers – poliať kvety
cook lunch (dinner) – uvariť obed (večeru)
make breakfast – urobiť raňajky
take the rubbish out – vyniesť von smeti
BOYS can:
help their father in the garage – pomôcť otcovi v garáži
work in the garden
cut the grass / mow the loan – pokosiť trávnik
wash the car
change a lightbulb – vymeniť žiarovku
repair (fix) things that are broken – opraviť veci, ktoré sú pokazené

My family usually meet on these occasions:

- birthday
- name’s day
- wedding - svadba
- funeral - pohreb
- christening - krstiny
- Christmas - Vianoce
- New Year’s Eve – Silvester

My relatives /príbuzní/ often get together on my birthday. My family comes for a visit. They bring presents for me and they congratulate me. They wish me love, health, happiness and all the best. Then we have a lunch and celebrate. On my birthday I sometimes go out with my friends or have a party or a barbecue at home.
Family leisure time:
Most families spend time together at the weekend or during holidays. They can:
stay at home and watch TV
go out for a trip – ísť na výlet
do some sport – športovať
go to a cinema / a theatre / a restaurant
go for a visit (visit friends, family – grandmother, aunt…)
go for a walk – ísť na prechádzku
Good parents look after their children. They should have a friendly relationship with them. I think that they should be willing to listen to their children when they need them and they should always help them. They should talk to them and try to find solutions to problems together. On the other hand, they should teach them to be polite and tolerant to other people. Good parents shouldn’t spoil their children.
Problems between parents and their children - parents can also have problems with their children because:
Teenagers want freedom – they want to spend time with their friends and they want to make their own decisions
Parents want control over their children - parents complain that the children don’t want to listen to them, that they are rude, impolite, lazy. They don’t respect adults and older people.
Teenagers complain that their parents don’t understand them and control them all the time.
Relationships between the older generation /grandparents/  and the younger generation /grandchildren/
Sometimes there are generation problems between the younger generation and the older generation. Older people usually don’t understand young people. I have a good relationship with my grandparents. I often visit them. We usually talk about my school and television programs. We often discuss the television news.
I also have a good relationship with my parents. I can tell them about my problems and they always listen to me and help me. With my father we usually discuss football and hockey.
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