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Science and technology
In the past people didn’t use technology – they used only simple tools made of stone. Later they invented a wheel.
Today science and technology is very important to people. People use technology every day, for example:

- at home
- at work
- at school

At home we use these inventions:
- a washing machine – we use for washing our clothes
- a hoover – we use for cleaning our carpets /koberce/
- a fridge – we use to keep our food cold
- a microwave oven – we use it to warm our food
- paper – we use at home, at school or at work when we want to write something
- pen – we use for writing
- a telephone – we use when we want to call our friends and family
- a television – we use when we want to watch a film or news

At work we use:
- a fax machine – we use it when we want to send written information to people
- a telephone – we use to make business calls
- a photocopier /kopírka/ - we use it when we want to make a copy
- paper, pen and so on

People invented also many other important inventions, for example:
- a bus / a train / a car – people use it for traveling
- credit cards – we use credit cards, when we go to bank or when we want to pay in a shop

In the field of medicine people also invented many important inventions, for example:
- X-ray – it is used for example when people break a leg or an arm
- penicillin – it is a pill which we take when we are ill
- vitamin pills /vitamínové tabletky/
- laser – doctors use laser to operate for example eyes

Dangerous inventions: people invented also inventions, which are not good for us. These inventions are dangerous, because they can kill and destroy everything, for example:
- bombs
- weapons

Every day I use many inventions, but I think that the most important invention to me is a mobile phone – I use a mobile phone:
-  to call my friends
-  to send messages
-  to play games
-  to take pictures
-  to listen to music
To me, another important invention is a computer – I use a computer:
-  to do my homework
-  to play games
-  to write an e-mail
-  to find information on the internet
-  to chat with friends
Science and technology brought people many advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages are for example:
-  science and technology makes our life easy and comfortable
-  we can weigh and measure easily
-  we can learn new information about people, animals and life
-  we can save many human lives
-  we can travel easily
The disadvantages are for example:
-  technology can be dangerous and it can kill people – for example bombs
-  science brought ethical problems – people want to clone animals, people…
-  we can destroy the nature – technology pollutes environment – for example cars, buses
-  we don’t talk and visit our family and friends often, because we send messages and watch TV a lot – we don’t have time for them
Older people and technology:
Older people usually don’t like technology. For example my grandmother and grandfather don’t use a computer or a mobile phone. These inventions didn’t exist when they were young and they don’t need them or they don’t know how to use them. They think that technology is not important because they have never needed it.
We know many famous inventors, for example:
James Watt – he invented the steam engine
Thomas Alva Edison – he invented the electric bulb
Alexander Graham Bell – he invented the telephone
Albert Einstein – he developed the theory of relativity
Sir Alexander Fleming – he invented penicillin
Today the life without technology would be difficult, because people are lazy and spoilt.
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