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My family
1.  Say your autobiography.
- Describe one member of your family – appearance, character, hobbies, job/studies…
- How can children help their parents in the household? How do you yourself help your parents? Explain.
- What does your family mean to you?
- Description of your closest relatives and relationships within the family
- What age do you intend to start your own family and why?
- What should your future partner be like / look like?
- What is your family like? How many siblings have you got?
- Describe the relationships in a family you know. Explain.
- What types of problems have you had with your parents since you have been a teenager?
- What are the pros and cons of coming from a large family?
- Would you like to have lots of brothers and sisters? Explain.
- Are your parents strict or tolerant? What rules do they set? Explain.
- What is the family life like in Slovakia? Describe the average Slovak family.
- How are household chores divided up in your family? Explain.
- Do you like the idea of a husband taking a paternity leave? Why? Why not?
- What are the most common complaints parents in our country have about their kids?
- Should badly-behaved kids be educated separately? Why? Why not? Explain.
- What institution in Slovakia can help parents who have problems with their children’s behaviour?
- Should children get pocket money? Why? Why not? Explain.
- How much pocket money should parents give? Why?
- What are the pros and cons of rewarding children for doing chores?
- What do you think about a family living together in a dysfunctional type of a relationship / a divorce / living separately => should parents get divorced? What impact does it have on their children?
- Generation problems within a family?
- When you get married, would you mind living in the same household with your parents / with your in-laws? What advantages / disadvantages does it have?
- How many children would you like to have when you have your own family?
- Do you think that people in the past had happier relationships than people nowadays? Why / why not?
- Do you think that children from children’s homes have more difficult life? Why?
- What would you do if you found out that you were adopted and your parents didn’t tell you?
- Would you marry a foreigner?

It will be your mother’s birthday next week. What celebration would you prepare for her and what present would you buy / prepare for her?
You share a room in an average apartment with your younger sibling. He / she drives you mad as he / she is really messy, takes your clothes without asking you and, what the worst thing is, he / she is a real teenager interested only in his / her look and friends who are permanently sitting in your room chatting about silly things! You have tried to speak to him / her several times, however, unsuccessfully. Your last hope is to speak to your mum and persuade her to send your younger sibling to a boarding school.
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