Human relations

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Relationship  is the way that people behave towards each other, feel about each other…

Language in use:

family background, upbringing, education, social status, attitudes to life, opinions, feelings – are shown in what we say and do.
Values – principles, standards, qualities that help us determine the way we act. They are influenced by  society [parents, friends, community, church, television, newspapers], value of money   - value of being humane, desirable, ideals, basic beliefs, honesty, reliability, generosity, respect, responsibility, trust, truth, reputation, discipline, deceit [podvod], greed [chamtivost], meanness, envy, corruption, dishonesty,

relations, relationships, attitudes:

relations, race, diplomatic, industrial, public relations, good, close, friendly,  sexual , polite, official, public  relationship,  have a good relationship, mutual attraction, to be on good terms with the others, to get along with, get on with, to deal with sb, with ties to, incompatible, go out with, be dating, be going steady, have an affair, romance, flirt, to have a fling [kratky romanik], can t stand, hate each other, have great respect for,  to be fascinated by , to be indifferent to sb, to frighten sb, to be terrified of sb., to be afraid of sb, to look up to sb., enjoy each other s company, to have a lot in common, love-hate relationship, to feel uneasy, to relax in his company, you never know what he is thinking,  to admire st, general sympathy for, to feel sorry for,   to pity sb,  very fond of, to be in love with, to fall in love,  fed up with, to miss sb., keep out of s.o. way,  to look down on sb [podcenovat], inferiority complex,

acquaintances, be acquainted  with sb., related by marriage, maintain a family, high – principled, be on speaking terms with sb., break with friends, come into conflict with sb., socialize, ties of friendship,

social behaviour, social conventions,  addressing people in a formal way, to become friends, calling each other by first names
Hello, Hi, See you, Bye, Thanks, Good morning, Good bye
acts of courtesy: st considered polite/impolite, holding the door open for someone, moving aside to pass someone, putting the hand over one s mouth when coughing or yawning,  to speak with the mouth full, to stare at someone, flatter,
body language, keeping a hand in the pocket when greeting,  being introduced, kiss each other

Topics to discuss:

- Who influenced your values and how?
- How do you distinguish formal and informal English? Give examples.
- What are good manners? How not to behave badly abroad: Tips for travelers.
- Try to characterize human relations in Slovakia [between neighbors, shop assistant-customer, co-workers, etc.]
- Are you satisfied with the relationships in your family?
- Use  expressions above to talk about the way you relate[have related] to people you know or to particular groups of people.
- How do you feel towards the members of staff in your school?
- What are some of the problems that often occur between teenagers and their parents?
- How society influences your values. Give examples based on your experience.
- How value decisions are influenced by money.
-  How do relationships change as people get older?

Topics to write:
- Love Thy Neighbour ( an essay on the importance of human relationships) 200 words
- Write a composition (200 words) on what the perfect friendship would be.
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