The human race and nature

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In the past nature was everywhere around us. But nowadays we destroy it every day. It is one of the most important things because trees give us oxygen, in soil we grow food, without water we couldn’t live. But in spite of this we still pollute it.

In everyday life we use many things from which waste is made. It is the biggest problem in the world because waste is everywhere and we can’t destroy it. There can be solid, liquid and biological waste. Solid waste is for example paper, plastic, glass, metal or wood. In everyday life many of papers and plastics are thrown away. Paper comes from newspaper, packing, or leaflets (letáky). It can be recycled so we should collect it. The biggest problem is plastic because it can’t be recycled. It comes from different packing of soft drinks bottles, plastic bags, radio, TV, washing liquids. Glass comes from different bottles, jars or windows. Bottles can be reused so we should buy bottles which can be reused (deposit bottles - zálohované fľaše). Metal is from machines, cans, lids. We should collect it and recycle. Wood is from furniture, wooden containers. We can burn it but some can be reused. Liquid wastes are sewages (splašky), polluted water from factories or oil from cars. Biological waste is from food, gardens and fields. But we can compost it.
The most important thing for our life is air, and it is getting more and more polluted. It is caused by gasses from factories, cars (exhaust fumes), planes, burning of fossils fuel (oil, gas, coal)-usually in power stations to produce electricity, burning of forests.

Another very important thing for our life, but also for life of all animals and plants is water. There are many factors which can cause water pollution. First and the most important is that factories use clean water but the impure one (znečistená) is leaked into the rivers. Also pesticides from soil get into underground water, then to the rivers and from them to the sea.  Another factor is accidents when chemicals leak into water from an oil-tanker. The last but not the least problem is pollution from acid rains which are connected with air pollution and smog. Acid rains are caused when chemicals in the air (air pollutants - exhaláty) react with water vapours in air (vodné pary). It pollutes land and water, kill plants and animals and destroy buildings, historical monuments. We can not solve this problem but we can reduce it when factories will use filters and sewage works and when in agriculture there will be used less fertilizers and more manure (hnoj).
Another big problem in these days is greenhouse effect. Because of pollution there are more and more gases in the atmosphere and temperatures get higher. 4 main greenhouse gases are: carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbons (CFC, freón), methane and nitrous oxide. What will it cause? It will get hotter and then ice on the Poles will begin to melt, level of the sea will rise and there will be floods in flat costal areas. When the climate changes, there will be less food because soil will be too dry or too wet. The soil will not be rich enough and people will not be able to produce enough food. We should conserve fossil fuels, conserve rainforests mainly in South America, Africa and Asia. We should use natural energy-today we use only 20% of energy from the sun, sea and wind. It should rise to 50%. Energy is made by power stations which use natural reassures like coal, oil, gas, water (which are built on the river) or nuclear power. We can use water from tidal waves (príliové vlny) to make energy-this is an alternative source of energy-it is renewable. Then we can use sun to make energy but we have to build solar power stations. And also we can use wind but it is quite expensive to build wind power.

Every one should try to help to solve this problem. We should be friendlier to the environment. There are many organizations like Greenpeace, Friends of the earth or Vlk. They explain people how dangerous pollution is, that they shouldn’t destroy nature. They try to protect environment. But we also can help. For example we shouldn’t drive car too much but rather use a bicycle, we should recycle waste, use special bulbs at home, create national parks, and protect endangered animals and plants.
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