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Food is one of the most frequent topics of people’s conversation, especially among women who often exchange recipes and give each other advice how to cook a delicious meal, but there are also a lot of men who are fond of cooking. It is interesting that most chefs in famous restaurants are men. People in Slovakia usually have a breakfast, midmorning snack (desiata), lunch, tea (olovrant) and dinner.

For a breakfast everybody likes eating something different. Some like fresh pastries- rolls (žemľa), buns (brioška), sweet or salty pastries or milk products. We can drink milk cold or warm, or we can prepare hot chocolate. More frequently we eat slice of bread with butter and jam or with soft, hard cheese, ham or different kinds of salami. In some families scrambled eggs and toasts are common. Nowadays cereals are more popular, because they are healthy and quickly prepared. We drink tea- green, herbal, fruit, black with honey, lemon or sugar. Some people have for breakfast only cup of black or white coffee.

Midmorning snack is eaten usually at schools or at work. Around ten o’clock we eat different kinds of packet sandwiches made at home, or it can be a fruit, sweets, biscuits, waffles, tea in bottle, juice, fizzy drinks or a cup of tea.
Lunch is between 12 and 2 o’clock. Pupils and students usually eat at school canteen and working people at the restaurant, canteen or cafeteria. Canteen at our school offer two courses- soup and main meal with tea. We also get sometimes fruit or biscuits. There is no choice and you have to prepay the meal. So the first course consists of soup, which can be clear-meat soup: chicken or beef, vegetable soup or it can be a cream soup. We can divide the main meal into the three groups. At first are meat meals, which can be fried in oil, grilled, boiled, stewed in steam or roasted. We serve it in sauce or gravy (šťava z mäsa), with backed, smashed, fried potatoes, rice, vegetable, pasta or dumplings. Many people like salad made from lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickles and tinned fruit. Meals which aren’t made from meat are usually eaten on Friday. They can be salty like pasta, halušky, pirohy or sweet like pancakes, noodles with topic- ground nuts, poppy seeds. There can be also vegetable meals, we can fry broccoli and cauliflower covered in breadcrumbs. We can prepare for example lentil (šošovica) sauce, pasta with vegetable; we can stew vegetable in steam. After meal we drink tea, juice or mineral water.

In the afternoon we eat fast food, sandwiches, yoghurts, pudding, fruit as a midafternoon snack (tea). Dinner can be cold- then it is similar to breakfast or hot- some pasta. My most favorite meal is chicken backed in oven with filling and smashed potatoes. I like also pirohy filled with potatoes.
On some occasions we go out to eat at the restaurant. In the restaurant a waiter welcomes us and leads us to our booked table. Then he offers us the menus and waits until we have made our selections. Depending on our choice he first brings us the drinks. After eating the waiter brings the bill.
British eating habits are a bit different. The traditional English breakfast consist of fried bacon and eggs and it can also include fried bread, buttered toast, bread and butter and marmalade, fried tomatoes, sausages, baked beans and tea or coffee. Lunch in Britain may be eaten at any time after midday. British lunch is a light meal and it may be a hot dish in restaurant or a packed lunch. Dinner is usually a cooked meal with meat or a fish and vegetable salad followed by a dessert.

For Italian kitchen there are typical foods like spaghetti, pizza, tomatoes. For Americans hamburgers, fast food, cola. For Chinese rice, duck, fish, vegetable and spices. For Germany a soup called “Eintopf”.

People need to have a well-balanced died, preferably low-fat and high-roughage (vláknina) to be healthy. Healthy food should contain roughage (rafič), vitamins, minerals and proteins. It means we should eat fresh vegetables and fruits, milk products, white meat, graham bread and rolls. We should drink 2-3 liters a day- mineral waters, juices without sugar, green, herbal tea. It is not good to overeat yourself. It is better to eat more frequently but in small portions.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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