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Climate is the combination of all the elements of weather and a particular place.  We can identify these main types of climate: 1. Tropical, 2. Dry, 3. Warm temperate, 4. Cold temperate, 5. Cold. The climate of the place is influenced by the distance from the equator,  from the sea [costal areas have  different climate to those inland] the local topography [natural features], mountain ranges [ can decrease or increase rainfall]. Climates vary over time and change over decades and centuries. They are influenced also by human activities.
Plants and  animals   are adapted to the climate they live in.

Key words:
weather, forecast [predpoved],  sunny, clear, cloudy, rainy, drizzle[mrholit], precipitation[zrazky], pouring with rain, heavy rain, showers, rainfalls, mist[hmla,opar], fog, foggy, smog, windy, stormy, thunder, lightning, hot, boiling, warm,  dry/rain spell[obdobie sucha,dazdov], cold, chilly, frost, snow, blizzard[snehova burka], snowdrift[zavej] , freezing, wet, humid, dry, wind, breeze[vanok,vetrik], gale[vichrica], hurricane
climate: tropical, hot, cold, mild, temperate, temperature: degrees centigrade, below/above zero, natural disasters: volcanic eruption, earthquake, flood, hurricane, drought[sucho], avalanche, snowslip[lavina], whirlwind, twister[veterna smrst], surge[privalova vlna], blaze[poziar], disastrous[katastrofalny], havoc[pohroma,spust]
physical world: continent, country, island, isles, ocean, sea, lake, river, fall, mountains, mountain range, jungle, forest, desert,
natural world,  wildlife[diva zver], animals: mammals[cicavce], birds, reptiles[plazy], fish
plant, tree, coniferous[ihlicnate], evergreen, deciduous[opadave], flower, root[koren], stem[stopka, stonka], stalk[stopka, steblo], trunk[kmen, pen], branch[konar,vetva], leaf[list], spine[osten, trn]

Topics to discuss:
1. How does the lifestyle of people living in cold climates differ from that of people living in warm climates?
2. Does the weather have an impact on our physical condition, morale or state of mind? Give some examples. Does it have an impact on your condition?
3. Do you know which part of the Earth is mostly affected by famines caused by droughts and why?
4. Say how the climate effects  the people who live there. Think  about these aspects of people` s lives: daily routines, homes and buildings, eating and drinking habits, attitude to life, clothes.
5. Say your opinion on these statements:
Areas with a very low rate of rainfalls are affected by drought.
- Earthquakes don` t happen very often. They mostly happen in the oceans.
- Fires are necessary to make new species grow.
- Floods killed more people than any other natural disaster.
- Only hurricanes  which occur in the Indian Ocean cause troubles
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