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In the world there are several types of climate - from cold to warm.
Cold climate is around North and South Pole. Temperatures are always below zero. There is permanent ice cap. There are also two seasons- polar day and polar night (permanent dark). People don’t live permanently there, only scientists or Eskimos. There live animals which are used to cold weather and are usually white colored, for example polar beer or polar fox. There are only some kinds of bushes. 
Tropical climate is along equator. There is very warm and humid with a lot of rains. There is rich vegetation, typical are rain forests. Also there is rich fauna and flora, many mammals, monkeys, spiders, snakes. There are 2 seasons-dry and wet. There aren’t good conditions for people because there is too hot and there are many insects. There live only some tribes like Indians or black people.
Dry climate is typical for some parts of the world mainly in North Africa where is the Sahara Desert, middle Asia with its Gobi Desert or Australia where is the Victoria Desert. In this area there is hot weather with very little rain. There are big differences between temperatures during day and night. People live only in places where water is - in oasis or near sea. There live camels, snakes and insect. There grow only few plants - some grasses, cactuses and palms in oasis.

In temperate zone there lie the biggest parts of continents: North and South America, Australia, Asia. There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are best conditions for life of people and animals. As for plants we can find there trees - leafy and coniferous, bushes and grasses. There are best conditions for planting food because of rich soil.
The Slovak republic lies in temperate zone. Year is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season lasts about 3 month.

begins on the 21st March. In March temperatures are lower, about 10 degrees and in these days snow can fall. In June it gets warmer-about 20 degrees. The days get longer and nights shorter. At the beginning of spring at nights there are frosts and days are warm and sunny. In the morning there are often fogs. Weather is very changeable (mainly in April) sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s warm and sunny. Nature is blossoming, the grass starts growing, animals have their young, birds are returning from south. People get in better mood because of nice and sunny weather. But after winter they are quite tired. People are very often ill because of changeable weather. They have cold or flu, headaches. People start wearing light clothes during day, but in the morning and evening they have to wear warmer clothes-jackets, sweaters. We can get first vegetable in shops such as radish or lettuce. People start working in their gardens, they plant seeds. For this season spring tiding is typical. People clean their flats after winter and put winter clothes into wardrobes. Children play outdoors sport games or do some sports like cycling or roller skating and adults go for a walk into the forest. With spring is connected Ester. It is celebrated in early spring. On Easter Monday men and boys go from house to house and they pour cold water on women and then they get painted eggs which are symbol of Easter. Of course nowadays it happens only in villages where traditions are still alive because in modern life children get sweets and chocolates and teenagers get some money. Typical meals which are eaten on Easter are hart boiled egg, smoked ham special bread, cakes. There are 40 days of lent.

begins on the 21st of June. Temperatures are about 20-35 degrees and in the night 10-15 degrees. Days are hot and warm. In the morning is dew. There are many storms and rainbows after rain. There can be sunny days with clean sky but also can be cloudy sky. The days are longer and night shorter. The sun rises at 4 o’clock and sets at 8-9 o’clock. Most people like summer and mostly children because they have 2 month long summer holiday but also adults because they usually have a holiday too. The sun has very good influence on health but hot weather can also cause problems like insomnia, allergy or sunstroke. People spend much more time outside, they do some sports or go mushrooming or picking berries. And they also travel a lot. The most of the students try to earn some money during holiday. Some goes abroad. Summer is the time of watering and harvesting in agriculture. In summer people wear light clothes, skirts, shorts, dresses. But for evening you have to wear warmer clothes - sweaters. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect them against sun. Food is very plain and light, we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables like cherries, peaches, apricots, water melons, plumbs and grapes. From vegetables it is tomato, peppers, cucumber, lettuce, green peas, and cauliflower. People prefer light meat like fish or chicken. They should drink a lot. For this season is typical licking ice-cream when you are walking donw the street.
Autumn begins on the 23rd September. It is a colorful season. Leaves get orange, red, brown and then fall down. During this season there is Indian summer when it is warm and sunny like during summer. In autumn fogs are typical in the morning, rain and drizzling. Temperatures are about 10 degrees. It is changeable. At the end of autumn the temperature drops below zero and there are frosts and snow. Mood of people is influenced by changeable weather- they are moody. It also influences their health, they are very often ill, have flu, running nose, cold, flu epidemics. At the beginning of autumn people wear summer clothes and than warmer clothes like anorak, trousers and jackets. Typical activity for this season is flying kites. Children start to go to school so they don’t have much free time. Autumn is harvest season so there are many potatoes and vegetables but also fruit like apples, pears and grapes. Popular are baked chestnuts.

Winter is the coldest season which starts on the 21st December and ends on the 20th March. Typical are long nights and short days, little sunshine, cloudy and wet weather. Temperatures are below zero. It snow now and then. It is connected with blizzards, they can cause snow drifts-sometimes it is difficult to get to some villages. All lakes and rivers are frozen. But also there are many cold and sunny days. Mood of people is pessimistic when there is no snow. They are lazy and sleepy. When there is snow they can enjoy it. Nature is beautiful, always white. People are often ill because there isn’t a lot of sunshine and it’s also very cold. There are epidemics-flu cold, running nose. In winter we wear warm clothes like woolly sweater, caps, scarves, polo necks, anoraks, winter jackets with hood, winter coats, fur coats, pantyhose. People don’t spend many time outside because they stay inside where is warm. But when they are out they usually do some sports like skiing, skating, children play snowballs and adults go for a winter walk which are usually short. Winter is connected with Christmas- it is the most favorite holiday- it begins on the 24th December with Christmas Eve and ends on 26th December. People visit their relatives, they spend a lot of time at home and watch fairytales. This is time of eating and overeating. It is time of tiding, cleaning, shopping, cooking and baking. We eat more cakes and meat. Food is rich, not like fruit and vegetable. Typical is smoked bacon, smoked ham, sauerkraut, pickles, frozen and dried fruits and vegetable. For drinks is typical hot tea.

In these days are many natural disasters caused by weather. 1 Flood is very common in Himalayas because of cutting trees. Water washes down the soil and there is no place where water can be stopped. So it flows down from mountains. But also in other places are floods when it rains often or when ice is melting in mountains and in rivers is more water. 2. Hurricanes are caused because of different temperatures between air over sea and over land. It can destroy many buildings and kill many people. 3. Volcano and earthquake are caused by movement of our earth.

The most common domestic animals in our country are pigs, cows, sheep and chickens which are breeded for meat, milk or egg. Many people have their own pets at home. When they live in houses they have dogs or cats and when they live in a flats the usually have fish, hamster or some bird but some also have a small dog in a flat.  We have one of the 7 Zoos in Slovakia. There are usually tropical animals which are not common here, for example monkeys, lion, tiger or snake. But there are also animals which are in our country like bears. Slovakia is in the middle of Europe. It is mainly mountainous and hilly country. We have also some lowlands in the south but they are limited. Soil isn’t rich for plant and vegetable. We can’t grow here tropical fruits like banana or oranges. People can grow there potatoes, some cereals, vegetable and from fruits apples, pears and plums.
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