The Global Education

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The Global Education

It is the way we realize ourselves and the way how are we perceived by others. There are many parts of identity: cultural identity, social identity, our behavior, our mentality and our values.
For example: my social identity is my name, my age, my gender, my nationality… my cultural identity is my mother language, the way I dressed… (Within the school I’m student, within my class I’m classmate and friend, within my family I’m daughter and sister)
Stereotypes are beliefs about specific social groups that simplify the characteristic of their behavior, habits, skills... Stereotypes can be positive as well as negative.
For example: blondes are said to be beautiful but stupid, women are said to be incapable drivers, gypsies are said to be lazy, Czech women are said to be very beautiful, Italians and French are said to be good lovers…
Prejudices are negative beliefs and opinions about specific social groups, which are not based on our experience – we judge other people without really knowing them. Prejudices are learnt during the socialization process – we create them during our childhood –and it’s very difficult to modify them.
Prejudices are made about race, social class, gender, ethnicity, age, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation…
For example: There’s prejudice, that women aren’t so good, clever and capable as men; that every gypsy is a thief, that Muslims are terrorists…
Ethnocentrism is tendency to believe that our own ethnic or cultural group is the best of all and that our group should be like our group.
We believe that our culture, our way of life and our values are the best for all people – and the others are worse than us, because they can't see it.
Discrimination is prejudice in action. Some social group aren’t treated like the others, they may be isolated, persecuted by law, they may have worse condition for living and for their work, or they are given no job at all, they don’t have a right to vote, they are forbidden to enter certain public areas…
There is positive discrimination for certain social group, like women or black people – it means they are preferred when they are applying for a job and there are two candidates with same qualification.
Discrimination against the race – based on hypothesis that human characteristics and abilities are determined by race – there are superior and inferior races.
2 forms of discrimination:
· Open – the discriminated races are publicly attacked and their property is destructed
· Hidden – less evident, but there are segregated schools and churches, there are worse condition for them when they are applying for a job.
There was a problem with segregation after the World War II in USA. Segregation is separation of black people from the rest of the community and refusing them common rights. They were separated in public transport, schools; there were benches and toilets for black. The struggle of black people for equal treatment was known as the Civil Rights movement, they demanded the end of the racial discrimination.

Xenophobia is fear of strangers and foreigners, and of everything what is new or unknown for us.
Because of xenophobia we can reject people from other countries, be hostile to them or even be violent to them. It's the base of racism. In Europe is xenophobia aimed mainly at immigrants
A lack of respect for practices and beliefs which are different then our own.
We reject people because of their religion, sexuality...
Intolerance against Jewish people and their religion. It leads to discrimination against individuals as well as the persecution of Jews as a group.
There have been many waves of Jewish persecution; the most horrible one came with Hitler and the Nazi ideology of racial purity – Holocaust.
6 million Jews died in concentration camps during the WWII.
It’s aggressive and irrational belief that our country is better than all the others.
Male chauvinism – term used to describe the belief that man are superior to women
Discrimination against group or individuals because of their age
Discrimination based on gender
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