Healthy lifestyle, sports, diseases

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Healthy lifestyle, sports, diseases

How to keep healthy and well
In order to be healthy we have to:
· have a good diet
o eat regularly (every 3 hours, little amounts of food),
o the food has to be well-balanced = eat a lots of fruit and vegetables – it contains vitamins and fiber (it´s better to eat fruit in the morning, because it contains a lot of sugar which provides us a lot of energy), proteins (in meat, milk…)
o we should eliminate fat food (there are saturated and unsaturated fats - unsaturated are better for us – we can find them in vegetable oils – olive oil, in fishes and nuts)
o we should eliminate red meat and eat white meat (chicken, turkey)
o eat pulses (lentils, beens…)
o avoid sweets
o drink a lot of water (at least 2 and half liters every day)
· avoid smoking and drinking alcohol = but it´s healthy to have one glass of wine every day, so if we want to drink, it has to be in reasonable amount
· have to get enough sleep – sleeping is important for regeneration of our body
· we should relax after work, do not panic about work, do not have much stress
· we should get some exercises like swimming, jogging or cycling
· we can keep fit in fitness center and tone up our muscles
We can divide them into curable and incurable; incurable are for example AIDS, some kinds of cancer, Alzheimer disease…; curable are cough, headaches, stomachaches…
AIDS is abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  It is a disease of the human immune system caused by the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).
 It’s spreading all around the world very quickly; there are millions of infected people nowadays. It’s problem especially in developing countries, because many of the local people have never heard of AIDS and they don’t know how to protect themselves. AIDS is transmitted by blood and other body fluids; it means it can be transmitted by sexual intercourse, from pregnant woman to her child, by breastfeeding or by a needle which was used by infected person.
 AIDS itself doesn’t kill, but it attacks human’s immune system, so the body cannot protect itself against infections and that causes death (=we can die of flu or cold). Treatments for AIDS can slow the course of the disease, but there is no known cure or vaccine that would cure the disease completely.
Heart Diseases
They kill millions of people every year, they are related to smoking, being overweight, not doing much exercise and having a high level of cholesterol in our blood (cholesterol is a kind of fat, everybody has it in the blood; if we have high level of cholesterol in our blood, we have to have a good diet and control the fats which we eat – cholesterol can be found in butter, eggs, red meat, cheese, chocolate…)
When we have a cancer, our body cells start to uncontrollably divide themselves and they are creating the tumor. Tumors can be divided to benign, which means that they are not dangerous for us and malign, which means that they have to be cured, otherwise we´ll die. Cancer can be cured by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, but there are kinds of cancer that cannot be cured at all. The factors that are leading to cancer are smoking, genetic influence, obesity, radiation, lack of physical activity, and environmental pollutants.
Smoking kills 3 million people every year, it causes cancer (especially in lungs), respiratory problems, heart diseases, impotency…
People usually start smoking as teenagers and they become addicted to nicotine, so they cannot stop and they smoke through their life.
Medical care
Medical care is provided from birth to death, even before we are born (prenatal care) – pregnant woman are examined by ultrasound and they are getting picture of their unborn baby. Durin are childhood we are getting vaccination against serious diseases, like TBC, tetanus, whooping cough, smallpox. We are visiting our doctors for preventive medical and dental check-ups. Everybody has the right to choose his doctor; we can have state doctor or private. Children have to go on compulsory check-ups at the General Practitioner every year, and it´s recommended for adults to be checked-up as well.
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