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Culture - entertainments, theatre, cinema, books
Culture plays a very important role in our lives. Our life without any culture would be boring and grey. It also helps us to develop our creative skills. We can go to the cinema, to the theatre, we can visit a museum or a gallery, we can go to a concert and so on. We have many kinds of entertainment, to which we can do. Forms of entertainment are very different from forms of entertainment in past. Also in the big cities there are more kinds of entertainment than in the small cities. Cultural life is very wide term, everybody imagine different things. I have to say, that I love culture very much. But I don’t find our town suitable for various culture lives. That’s why I often visit our capital city Prague. There are many possibilities for culture life. There are held many concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, musicals every day.
Going to the cinema is very popular activity. The cinema is the building in which new films are shown. Besides the word cinema, also pictures ( British English ), movies ( American English ) and flicks ( slang ) are used. The popularity of the cinema has declined over the last 25 years thanks the televisions and DVD. We have several types of films: feature films, documentaries, cartoons, newsreels, comedy films, serious films, musicals, westerns, horror films, war films or thrillers. Further films may be silent or sound and colour or black-and-white. A foreign film is either dubbed or is given subtitles. An actor who plays the leading part in a film is called a star. A film may be shot on location in nature or in the studio. The cinema audiences sit in rows at the auditorium or on the balcony. Tickets are very expensive, that’s why some people prefer watching on video or TV before the cinema.
The other possibility of entertainment is going to the theatre. The people who go to the theatre to watch a play are the audience who sit in the auditorium. The people who perform on the stage are the actors and actresses. The play may be tragedy, a serious play, opera, ballet, musical or comedy. There is also the director who directs the players, costume designer and stage manager. When we go to the cinema, we would dress polite clothes up. After play each claps their hands applause. The famous theatres are mainly in Prague: The National Theatre, The State Opera and The Estates Theatre.
Cinemas and theatres are the most popular cultural activities. Many of us also like to visit art exhibitions. Every city has exhibition spaces, where individual exhibitions take place. The most frequent are picture exhibitions. Besides these exhibitions, there are exhibitions of photographs, statues, as well as objects made of wood, glass.
Cultural life includes also visiting museums. There are many kinds of museums. These can be museum of history, agriculture, industry, technical museum and others. Often there is a guide, who takes us around the museum. Many museums are concentrated in our capital Prague.
Reading is another source of knowledge and culture. A book answers whole series of our questions. Books are still more expensive and that’s why there are many libraries around us, which lend us many kinds of books.


In my opinion cultural life in our town isn’t so rich as in larger cities such as Prague. You can go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the disco, to the ball, to a concert or you can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch television or read books.
In our city is only one Cinema called Kosmos. This cinema has three halls: maxi, midi und mini. They differ in the number of seats for viewers and in programme. There are shows about for new films a week. I visit this cinema only once a half year. I like cartoons for Children, for example Ice Age or Over the fence. I was here at summer holiday at last. There was show Pirates from the Caribbean II. Now I don’t go to the cinema because I have television station HBO, where new films are shows.

The theatre is the one of the most cultural places in our town. It’s situated in the centre of the town Most in the First Square. It’s a new and modern building built in the secession style. Our theatre has the capacity of 500 viewers. There are plush seats. There are mostly played plays and musicals. There are also held concerts, musical and amusing programs with famous personalities. There is also the Theatre of Diversities. It’s smaller and belongs to the town theatre. There are played plays but rather performances for children and puppet shows.

It’s in the centre of Most and called Repre. You can find there some shops, bars and restaurants and planetarium. There is also a small theatre. There are 2 halls for sociable actions. The big hall is often used for balls or for some school and firm actions. Young people go there for lessons of dancing.

Its seat is in reconstructed rooms of original German grammar school. There is a permanent exposition concerning Ulricha von Levetzov. We can see there exhibitions of paintings, drawings, statues, ceramics, hand works and other things connected with the history of our town.

This church used for religious purposes. It belongs among the most important late Gothic monuments in Central Europe. In 1975 it was moved on the 841 meters long. Here is also the gallery of statues and paintings.

This castle is above the town. It attracts visitors with its lookout tower, observatory and restaurant. There are held some festivals, knight tournaments or weddings.

It’s for readers and students. It’s divided into 2 parts: a section for children and a section for adults. It includes also a music section, search on internet and so on.
I like going to the cinema and theatre but prizes of tickets still grow up. That’s why I don’t remember when I was there at last. Nowadays we can see films and also some performance at television. I have also visited many castles around the Czech Republic with my parents, for example Křivokát, Karlštejn and Kost. When I don’t want go anywhere, I watch television or listen to the radio. I like watching geography documents such as Zálety, Objektiv or Cestománie. I like also watching comedies. One thing, that I don’t like at all, is reading a book.
Our school looks after our cultural life. Several times pre year all students go to the theatre or to the cinema. Every year few days before Christmas school organizes school academy. From time to time we went for a trip or to some excursion to another town. We were in Prague for many times, we saw many monuments.
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