Music and the fine arts

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Music and the fine arts
Even if we are not concertgoers and experts in the fine arts, we live in the world surrounded by music and architecture without actually realizing it. We come into contact with music all our lives. When we are little , we listen to lullabies sung by our mother and soon we try to sing some songs ourselves. When we reach school age many of us take some music lessons at a music school. If we have musical talent, in a few years we can learn to play a musical instrument fairly well. Many children start playing the piano or a wind instrument sucha s the recorder, the pipe, the flute, the clarinet, the oboe or the bassoon, or they blow a trumpet, play the accordion or a string instrument. Teenagers often start to play the guitar, the banjo, the bass, the drums or the keyboard and many of them dream of founding a band and giving concerts to a large audience. At the age of 16 or 17 many young people also take dancing lessons and develop a liking for dance music. But most of us remain only listeners to music.

Large towns offer a better opportunity to enjoy performances of both serious and pop  music. People in the country and in small towns do not usually have such a wide choice unless artists and orchestras from large towns are invited. At any time of the day we can listen to recorded music of all genres on the radio. Young people like to buy or exchanges CDs.

In our everyday life we also meet works of the fine arts, either architecture, sculptures or painting. Even people who are not fond of the fine arts meet examples of them when they look at book illustrations or cartoons and photographs in their favourite magazine.
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