What makes a real home

What makes a real home
Everybody needs some place to live in. People need a place where to go after work or school. They enjoy their leisure time in their houses or flats. But what makes a real home? According to me it doesn´t matter whether you live in a house or in a flat. People have to feel that they are at home in these places. Home means more than a house or a flat. Home is something that makes us feel comfortable and safe. It ´s a place enjoyed and preferred by almost everybody. Nothing is better than home.

Some people prefer living in houses rather than living in flats. It depends on your situation and the amount of money you ahve. In general houses are much more expensive than flats. But it is not a rule. It depends on how old the house or flat is and where it is situated. Houses and flats situated in the centre are usually more expensive than those situated in the suburbs or in the villages. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. Living in a flat is on the one hand cheaper but on the other hand you don´t have as much room as in a house. Besides that there are other pros and cons. It is more comfortable to live in a flat because you have no garden so you don´t have to do gardening and work around the house. But on the other hand it could be a disadvantage for th epeople who enjoy these kinds of work and do it as their hobbies. In houses you have more rooms because they are larger. It also means that you must do more cleaning. When you live in ahouse you always have something to do. In my opinion people who live in a flat have more time for their hobbies and themselves. When it comes to feeling comfortable and safe, it doesn´t matter if you live in a house or in a flat. Fashionable furniture and plenty of rooms don´t make a real home, but only the atmosphere which is in the family. It is influenced by the relationships among the members, common activities done in the family and by the people themselves. 

A house or a flat is just a place where you live, there are the walls and furniture. However, home is a place where you feel comforable and safe. It is a place which you have dep in your heart and where you always come if you are able to. It doesn´t have to be only the place where oyu live. It is the palce where you feel better than anywhere else. In my opinion, this is a real home.
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