Advantages and disadvantages of living in the town and in the country

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in the town and in the country
Every baby, every man and woman need some place to live in. Some people live in a town, others prefer living in the country. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of living in the town.

For example, there are more possibilities to get a job and find some place to livei in. People who are interested in social life prefer living in the town. There are a lot of cinemas, theatres, clubs , pubs, restaurants and other places to visit. Sociable and outgoing people enjoy living in the town for these reasons. Beside these advantages there is one which is connected with education. In towns you have more opportunities for education. Children live near schools and when they want to study after school they can as there are a lot of courses and other special activities which are enjoyed by many people.
On the other hand living in the town doesn´t have to be always nice and marvellous. Sometimes it is very dangerous.

There is more crime in towns than in the country. Another disadvantage is that people in towns live in more polluted environment as there area lot of cars on highways and factories which produce lots of chemical waste and radioactive dangerous articles. People who live in town are be tter aware of the bad state of the environment and they know that protecting the environment is a necessity.

Living in the country has also some advantages and disadvantages. For example if you live far from the centre and you get a job in the town you will have to travel a lot. Children also have to travel to school because not every village provides an opportunity to study. On the other hand there are a lot of advantages of living in the country. For example less polluted environmnet as there aren´t as many cars as in the town. If you have a child it will be safer and less dangerous to let him go out. I think that in towns there is much more violence in the street. Life in the country is calmer and safer. When it comes to me, I woul dprefer living in a town. I live in a town and I am quite satisfied with my living conditions. However, as I live in my parents´ house I would like to live alone with my family in future. I think that living in town is much more lively and exciting. I prefer this way of living because a town is the most suitable place to live in for me.


-  job opportunities
-  shopping facilities
-  rich social life
-  higher pollution
-  street crime
-  life is never dull /exhibitions, films, plays, friends/
-  better supplies in shops /wider choice within easy reach/
-  variety of schools and places of work
-  better chances of good education and employment
-  commuting difficulties /rush hours, traffic jams/
-  pollution /from cars and factories/
-  crowds, noise
-  rat race /neustála honba za kariérou za každú cenu/
-  higher cost of living
 -  people are friendly and close to nature
-  gentle pace of living
-  clean atmosphere- healthy living
-  more privacy and relaxation /gardening, walking in the forests, walking in the fields/
-  peace and quiet
-  life is boring /out-of the-way – odľahlý, nowhere to go, long silent winter nights/
-  commuting to work and school – less chance of a successful carreer
-  less efficient services – one doctor or no doctor at all, muddy streets, few shops
 -  overcrowded
-  monotonous
-  gigantic buildings, small flats
-  good services – shops, sport facilities
-  a long way off from the town centre
-  buses run frequently
-  more personal and intimate atmosphere
-  more greenery and fewer services
-  away from industrial districts
-  more privacy
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