Life in the past and today

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Life in the past and today
Science has been very fast growing and our understanding has much grown in comparison with the world hundred years ago. In that time patients battle illness, while doctors can’t do more than counsel and comfort them and keep them clean. Now doctors treat and often cure patients with variety of medicines and medical technologies. Many cures have been found for infectious diseases, flu, diabetes, etc. Penicillin (an antibiotic that kills bacteria) was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, insulin by F.Sanger in 1958. Quite a few people live longer owing to transplanted organs, such as heart, kidneys, lungs or liver.

The only way to view some significant event was only to be there. Today we have television, where the program can be instantaneously transmitted by satellites. The news will spread as well by radio, newspaper, and the World Wide Web. At the beginning of the 20th century most people travelled on foot or by horse-drawn vehicles. Nowadays there is public transport in most towns, high-speed trains and  planes to travel long distances and cars to get to work, to shops or to go for a weekend break.

Equipment of houses has changed completely. In the kitchen you can find microwave which is completely electronic or a dishwasher which perfectly washes and dries used dishes for you. To other useful appliances in a house belong: vacuum cleaner, fridge, razor, flat-iron. These all science results led to make our life easier and safer. The evidence of this fact can be the rise of the life-expectancy. For example the life-expectancy in the USA in 1901 was 49 years, at the end of century it was 77 years. In India and China it was around 63 years.
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