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Radio - Mass media

The existence of radio waves had already been demonstrated in 1886, by a German physicist, Heinrich Herty, who discovered that they behaved in much the same way as light waves. Later when the microphone was invented, great improvements were made. Radio could be used to transmit and receive the spoken word and even music.

The radio has become an important piece of domestic apparatus.
It has been followed by television, the tape recorder, the record player, pocket calculators, baby alarms, digital watches, videos, etc.. All these electronic devices have become part of everyday life in our society, and new investigations and inventions are always being carried out to find ways to make life easier. Radio has come to occupy a special place in our life. Radio news and weather and weather reports keep us informed of what is going on. Through them we have a better knowledge both of our own country and of the rest of the world. Radio is the fastest means of communication we have.

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Radio also provides us with a great deal of amusement and recreation, broadcasting instructive and cultural programmes. We can all hear the best orchestras and artists in our own homes, and follow an infinite variety of events. It keeps people in touch with current events and political and economic moves, and it also keeps them abreast of developments in the areas of science, music, theatre and fashion. Unlike watching television, which takes one´s whole attention, listening to the radio can be combined with many other activities.

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